Ryan Orr, Rancho Cucamonga city treasurer candidate

It would be an honor and privilege to serve the community of Rancho Cucamonga as City Treasurer. A resident since 2000, I have witnessed Rancho Cucamonga’s tremendous growth in recent years, and am eager to bring a fresh perspective, new insight, and a strong background in financial management to the table as City Treasurer.
In 2002, I founded Operation Community Cares, a grass roots support campaign that sends care packages to deployed soldiers around the world. Witnessing firsthand the appreciation and emotion from the soldiers’ families, intensified my commitment to the Rancho Cucamonga community, leading to my candidacy as City Treasurer. Adding another layer to my community service, on October 2nd I was proudly sworn in as a local reserve police officer.
As an account executive in the local real estate market, I’ve kept my finger on the pulse of the Rancho Cucamonga community, working closely with local business owners, community leaders, and city officials. I’ve held leadership positions, many that include oversight of financial affairs, for a number of professional associations, including: Inland Empire United Way (Board Member), Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce, West End Real Estate Professionals (President), Citrus Valley Association of Realtors, and California Association of Mortgage Brokers.
If elected City Treasurer, I intend to bring a new vigor and sense of energy that parallels Rancho Cucamonga’s rapid growth.
Respectfully acknowledging the efforts of our incumbent over the past 24 years, the position has become largely complacent, without clear expectations and tools to measure success. Under my management, I will address this complacency, introducing new levels of:
*Accountability:Defining clear job duties, requirements, and responsibilities, and working with City Officials to determine quantifiable goals.
*Communication: Opening and enhancing lines of effective communication, ultimately improving relations with City Council, City Staff, and Rancho Cucamonga Residents.
A family man married for seven years and boasting two beautiful children, I share your concern for our families within our city. I will maintain Rancho Cucamonga’s reputation as a safe and wonderful place to raise our children, and will keep this core value close when making investment and financial decisions for our community.
With my knowledge of Rancho Cucamonga, passion and demonstrated commitment to my community, and track record of professional success, I pledge to ensure the future financial stability and growth of our city. I stand proud to be a resident of Rancho Cucamonga and ready to be your city servant.

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