Wyatt Troxel, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Division V incumbent

I am a 40-year water professional, have been an active IEUA Director for 16 years and Board President for the past 2 years.
IEUA provides imported water to local water providers, including Rancho Cucamonga, bridging the gap between water demand and local supplies. Imported water is 50% of our total supply. But legal challenges and drought now threaten our imported supply.
There is enough water to meet our needs, but none to waste. Years ago, I recognized that imported water supplies would not be sustainable, especially if we keep using drinking water for all of our needs. So, I led IEUA to launch a very aggressive water plan and public education campaign: Water Conservation and Water Recycling.
Water conservation is a stewardship principle: Water saved today is water for tomorrow. IEUA’s in-home conservation program has reduced household water consumption by 10%.
But there is more to do <WC>–<WC1> outside.
My vision is to reduce drinking water usage another 30% within 3 years. It’s doable and saving water saves you money. For example, landscape uses 60% of our drinking water and nearly half of that water is wasted every day! Resetting irrigation to avoid runoff, installing water efficient sprinklers, reducing turf area and planting ornate, low demand plants are ways to reduce our monthly water bill up to 30%!
Through IEUA I implemented a plan to save you more money through local rebate programs for high-efficiency washing machines, water softener devices, irrigation controllers and turf removal/replacement. (See IEUA.org for rebates<WC>.<WC1>)
I believe water stewardship also means “the right water for the right purpose.” Water used in our public landscape equals the water needs of 100,000 homes! We shouldn’t irrigate our public areas with our drinking water! Under my plan we have accelerated our 10-year program to stop using drinking water on our green public landscapes. By late next year IEUA will be providing recycled water to over 1/3 of all the public spaces in our cities, and replace the use of drinking water in all public landscape within 3 years.
Meeting our water supply challenges requires vision, strong leadership, innovation and tough public policy decisions. Under my leadership, IEUA has set new industry standards for water sustainability and green innovation, yet has maintained low service rates to our communities.
Your vote to re-elect Wyatt Troxel will continue our vision for sustainable and safe water supply and a stable future.

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