Elliott Rothman, Pomona mayor candidate

It has been my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Pomona for the past 12 years.  I now seek your vote for mayor.  The changes in our city have been dramatic.  I wish to continue the progress already made.  Raising your quality of life is my goal. I humbly thank all who have partnered with me to make a difference.  Please consider the following accomplishments as you cast your vote. 
Since I was first elected I introduced much of the work in progress to revitalize Pomona. I led annual community clean-ups, providing dumpsters for our residents’ use.
I voted to install new public restrooms, snack bars and play equipment at our parks. I led the effort to landscape medians throughout the city. I fought for resurfacing of streets throughout the entire city.
More needs to be done to many of our streets; the cracked and worn-out roads must be resurfaced.  I helped fund new lighting and facade improvements thought our neighborhoods.  The Veterans Park soccer complex is open for all to enjoy. 
This is my five-point plan for Pomona  
1. PUBLIC SAFETY: Keeping Pomona’s families safe is my top priority.  I have always voted to increase our police force.  Crime is unacceptable.
2. OUR YOUTH: We should provide more mentoring opportunities.  I am committed to the city’s Youth and Family Master Plan. We must ensure our children stay out of gangs and away from drugs. 
3. HELPING SENIOR CITIZENS: I am an advocate of the Pomona Senior Centers, which provide abundant activities and assistance programs for our city’s Senior Citizens.  I will fight to ensure these services DO NOT get cut.
4. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: I implemented a citywide gray-water policy to reduce our use of fresh water.  I sponsored the construction of Veterans’ Park, Pomona’s first completely environmentally conscious park.  I will implement green planning codes, and I will fight to protect our open spaces for everyone’s enjoyment.
5. ECONOMIC GROWTH & PROSPERITY: I helped reduce the city’s operating budget and fought to keep utilities and services as inexpensive as possible.  I opposed levying new taxes and I removed extraneous expenses.  As mayor I will focus on job growth by continuing to attract businesses to Pomona. 
I have demonstrated the ability to solve problems and bring results.
Please vote Elliott Rothman for Mayor of Pomona.

Robert H. Bennett, Upland Unified School District board candidate

I am committed to having a transparent, ethical and responsive School Board where all ideas are welcome and where the Governing Board Members actively listen to the concerns of the entire Upland Unified School District community, be they parents, teachers, students or other citizens. I will work to foster an environment in which our students, faculty, staff and families will flourish.
The Governing Board members must lead by example and not just by words during lean or prosperous times. As a Governing Board Member, I will utilize sound fiscal judgment when considering School Bonds and not forward an unneeded Bond (Measure S) of $20,000,000, which was soundly defeated.
I have been a student, teacher, parent and PTA room parent within the Upland Unified School District. I have worked and volunteered in the public/private field of education and social work for over 31 years. I will bring a positive commitment to improving the quality of education for all students in our district.
Three out of five of our current governing board members is a retired or present probation officer. A broader perspective is necessary in order to formulate, evaluate and administer the policies and procedures of the U.U.S.D..
Further, our children need to be involved in special programs such as academic decathlon teams, music, band, GATE, athletics or they frequently struggle to remain involved in education.
Another problem that I see is having board meetings scheduled twice per month and only having town hall meetings when facing either a crisis or major funding issues such as bond measures. I would propose having regularly scheduled town hall meetings at least twice during the school year.
In the 21st century, our school facilities need upgraded infrastructure. Our schools are severely lacking in computer technologies, programs and immediate technical assistance. I will be a good steward of your money from Measure K and insure that it is used to upgrade our schools infrastructure.
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a County Manager, I have been educated and trained to maintain and acquire a broad working perspective. I will bring this awareness that the Board is in partnership with the greater community to provide a quality education for all of our children. Input from parents and teachers are paramount to this task, especially when the Board and school management experience community and family challenges.
My websites and e-mail are as follows: http://home.earthlink.net/~bennettbnt/
Bennett4SchoolBoard@juno.com http://www.thevoterguide.org

Tomas Ursua, Pomona mayor candidate

With the right leadership, Pomona would be a much better place to live.
Instead, Pomona is an economic failure, due to irresponsible spending by our city politicians, who serve the needs of special interests groups, rather than the common needs of all residents.
Imagine, instead of wasting $11.9 million on a failed real estate deal across the street from City Hall, this money could have gone to create a safer, cleaner community, lower the 9% utility tax, create more opportunities for our youth, and, more jobs for Pomona residents!
In order to revive Pomona, you first need to have leadership that will stop the wasteful spending of our tax dollars. As a former councilman (’89-’93), I led the only effort to successfully reduce the utility tax, and I consistently fought against the wasteful practices of subsidizing big real-estate developers. I was an agent for change.
In contrast, the two councilmen running for mayor, George Hunter and Elliot Rothman, are front-men for the special interests groups–a combination of contending developers, government unions and businesses– that divide our City, while depleting its finances. The big-money behind Hunter and Rothman are trying to buy the current election with lots of slick brochures attempting to fool Pomona voters into believing that their candidate will do the right thing. But neither has, during their nearly decade each in office: that is why our City now faces a financial disaster. Electing either Hunter or Rothman insures that Pomona will continue its downward decline toward stagnation, unable to address the serious issues confronting our City.
With 25 years of diverse community service, I have the experience and commitment to help make the difficult changes required for Pomona’s turnaround. I advocate decisive government reform: stop the waste and giveaway of taxpayer money; restructure government services to focus on key community priorities; lower the excessive costs and bureaucracy for city residents and businesses.
I am also committed to helping build local neighborhood councils that will prepare citizens to better govern and improve our city – these councils will help end the rule of special interests groups in Pomona.
Government reform will lead to community rebirth.
I am the only qualified candidate that is willing to stand up for all of Pomona against the powerful special interest groups that have dominated our City. I appeal to the citizenry to help “Take Back Our City.”
Contact: www.Ursua4reform.org or (909) 620-9535.

John ‘JP’ Pomierski, Upland incumbent mayor

I, John “JP” Pomierski as your second term Mayor: would appreciate the challenge to continue serving the Citizens of UPLAND.
Everyone knows how far the City of Upland has come in the last 8 years but lets take a walk down memory lane to when the City was 2 million dollars in debt, resulting in employee layoffs and poor employee morale and for good reason: they had not received any raises for 9 years prior to my election. The library was closing additional days, contracting out Police and Fire services were being considered and streets, sidewalks and trees were in total disrepair.
Under my new leadership, the theme of Teamwork was stressed to my colleagues. We all had to work together and get this City back to business. Since then we’ve approved a trash contract, improved employee compensation and morale and purchased new equipment and vehicles for Police, Fire and Public Works departments. Added Paramedics and welcomed new Developments like the Cable Business Park/The Colonies/The Crossings and College Park to mention a few. We annexed property on the westend to improve and control standards there and continue to add to our City Parks and Recreational opportunities. With my direction and need for more Open Government, the City now posts Financial records of the City Council and all Council business on our website for all to view. With the motto I introduced: “Treat It Like You Own It” to the City and Staff, we are now moving forward even in these tough econonmic and uncertain times.
Who would have thought that Upland would be perfectly positioned to stand tall 8 years ago and continue embarking upon new projects. We are presently building our 4th Firestation and a new Animal Serices Shelter at Memorial Park and just completed a 46 acre recharge basin on the west end of town. We are in the opening phase of grading for our new Regional Sports Park along with continuing Commercial Development at The Colonies. We have more assets, reserves and cash on hand, more Police, Fireman and new equipment to include more repaired or replace streets, sidewalks and trimmed trees than ever in the 102 year History of the City of Upland!! ALL THIS WITHOUT ANY NEW TAXES! I believe that My Leadership record speaks for itself! I ask for your Vote to continue as Mayor of Upland. Thank you, John “JP” Pomierski

Dan Morgan, Upland city treasurer candidate

I am delighted in the opportunity to serve you in the capacity of City Treasurer. Electing Dan Morgan as City Treasurer will give you fair and honest government. Our society is being rocked with stories of mismanagement and greed with banks and their mortgage lending practices. Our confidence with our government and corporate business leaders is at a low point. You have my assurance that the City of Upland will continue to run a well-run finance department, looking after and protecting the precious City funds and investments. We will adhere to established standards and practices with appropriate oversight and controls. Upland is a wonderful community of well maintained housing, schools and businesses. We have excellent places to shop at and to work for as we support our families. Elected officials, city staff, our businesses and the citizens of Upland must abide by the laws of the land to ensure our city continues to prosper in these challenging times. I pledge to you that our City revenues will continue to be safeguarded and invested properly. As to my experience and education, I am a business operations manager overseeing site operations, which includes budgets and expense in conducting daily operations for the Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company. I spent 22 years with the IBM Corporation with budget and expense responsibilities. I served for eight years on a prior City Council, and served on the San Bernardino County Central Committee for two years. I have a combined nine years of teaching business courses at the University of La Verne, UCR Extension and the University of Redlands. I obtained my Executive MBA degree from Claremont Graduate University and my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from California State University at Los Angeles. I am ready to serve Upland as City Treasurer. I will serve you well. Elect Dan Morgan, Upland City Treasurer, November 4th.

Silver Aguilar, Chino Valley Unified School District board candidate

My name is Silver Aguilar and I am running for the Chino Valley school board.  I am a life long resident and product of our local schools.  I have been working to make a difference in the lives of children by championing educational issues.
My candidacy reflects making positive changes in our local schools.
My four brothers and one sister all attended and graduated from the Chino Valley Unified School District.  With today’s tough economy, I understand hat now more than ever education is the key to our children’s future success.
I have volunteered over 10 years as a wrestling coach.  My younger brother Jose, whom I coached, won the State Championship from Don Lugo High in 1994.  As a board member, I would continue to produce champions not just in athletics, but in the academic arena for all children.
Volunteer Service includes:
Helped raise money for scholarships for Citizens for Kids Education Foundation a non-profit organization that raises funds for programs and projects that directly benefit the children of the CVUSD, member of the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE), Parent Teacher Association (PTA) member for Rolling Ridge Elementary, and a member of St. Paul the Apostle Church of  Chino Hills.
Attended K-12 schools:  Richard Gird Elementary, Ramona Middle School, and graduated from Don Lugo High School in 1993 in the top 10% of my class.  I went on to pursue my academic studies at Mt. San Antonio College and LA Trade Technical College.
Professional Experience includes:
Plant Engineer for the United Parcel Service, one of largest package delivery company’s on the planet, delivering over 4 billion packages a year across our earth’s globe.
It’s time to elect members who will be accountable, practice ethics, integrity and put the interests of Kids First !
My 7 Point Plan to turn our schools around:
1.Provide a safe learning environment.
2.Advocate for students, parents and teacher needs.
3.Raise the academic standards for all students.
4.Maintain fiscal responsibility.
5.Develop more after-school programs, keeping our kids safe and motivated in learning.
6.Reduce district legal fees, which have cost the tax payers millions of dollars.
7.I will also support the opening of the New School in The Preserve. 
I would be honored to be one of your three choices for school board.  Our kids and teachers deserve the best.
The time to Invest in Silver is now! 
Thank you. Silver Aguilar, Silver4kids@yahoo.com

Floyd Clark Sr., Cucamonga Valley Water District board incumbent

SERVICE to me is still the highest form of honor. Therefore, I seek your support in helping me to continue to serve this community. With almost 30 years of service as a public safety leader, my understanding of our precious natural public resources, and my dedication to this community has afforded me the opportunity to serve you as a board member for Cucamonga Valley Water District. Working to acquire the necessary water supply for now and the anticipated growth if tomorrow. Maximizing our efforts by fully taking advantage of opportunities to recycle, conserve, and transfer ground water while purchasing additional water rights. We can say this is service that you can depend on!
I am a VISIONARY who will not stop looking beyond the horizon for hope and future opportunities. We cannot wait for solutions to come to us, but we must continually develop strategic plans that will enable us to not only meet the needs for today, but the needs of our children and grandchildren for tomorrow. Smart planning, projecting and an effective capital management program are ways that we will continue to meet the need of our customers.
I am AVAILABLE to take the time to study and make informed decisions on some of the matters that affect us all — WATER. I give you my WORD, based on my dedication and service to our community that I will work hard, on your behalf and make sound decisions for the good of this community. For this reason, I need your support. Our policy-making body has provided sound leadership that makes this district second to none. I am asking you to continue to show your faith in this District by voting: FLOYD E. CLARK SR., DIRECTOR, Cucamonga Valley Water District

Sharon Baer, Cucamonga Valley Water District board candidate

As a member of the CVWD Board I will be your advocate on budget and water issues that affect you, your family and your business. Let us safeguard and conserve our water through planned, sensible growth, thoughtful use, proper methodology, innovation and appropriate spending.
With concern about economic stability we cannot afford to be frivolous. As ratepayers, we don’t have much control over how money is spent by utility companies. That is not the case with your water bill. Direct local control of expenditures can be closely monitored by the elected officials on the Water Board. Is a $750,000.00 remodel of the existing lobby of the Water Company building in the interest of the ratepayers? Could the existing lobby be made safe and attractive for less? I suggest to you that it can. My membership on the Board will bring the business perspective needed to meet the challenges of operating your water district with fiscal restraint.
My career as a successful business owner has given me the necessary expertise and sound judgment to address the short and long term needs of our Water District and its non-profit (501c3) Frontier Project. I have been an active community volunteer, participating in and leading organizations in Rancho Cucamonga for 32 years, including over 20 years as the owner-operator of a successful local business, Past-President of the National Association of Woman Business Owners-IE, member of Executive Boards and non-profits such as OPARC, The Visiting Nurses Association of Southern California, the County Youth Accountability Board and current Planning Department “Visioneers.” I understand budgets, receivables, payables, human resources, capital expenditures, government regulations and fiscal and fiduciary responsibility because I have lived them. I have met payroll, struggled over benefit costs, studied bids and written proposals. These are skills that are needed more than ever today.
Since the formation of your Water Board in 1955 the skills of the Boards of Directors have typically been balanced, representing a variety of business as well as community interests. My background includes a career in the day to day operation of my own business, making daily decisions that have nurtured a vision that spans decades. I am a candidate whose career shows the long term effects of controlling the bottom line. My skills will add a necessary balance of experience to your Board.
I respectfully ask for your vote. Thank you.
www.BaerforCVWD.com Sharon@BaerforCVWD.com<WC>

Ray Musser, Upland mayor candidate

It’s time for new leadership to restore integrity and accountability in the Mayor’s Office.
As a 51 year resident of Upland, I am proud of our city. However, I share the concerns expressed by many citizens about the mismanagement of our tax dollars, the secret meeting with developers and the arbitrary removal of neighborhood leaders from city committees and commissions.
As a Councilman and local businessman, I’m dedicated to serving our community:
–Founder, Cardiac Care Club, San Antonio Hospital –Founding Member, Coy Estes Senior Apartments –Past President, Upland Chamber of Commerce
Building a better future for Upland means putting the concerns of our people first. My priorities as Mayor are:
Open Government – Improve communication with the local residents.
Insist on public “light of day” scrutiny of city contracts and agreements.
Fiscal Responsibility – Limit fees to protect residents from excessive charges for water, trash and sewer services.
Quality of Life – Strengthen community standards to preserve home values and open space. Expand recreational facilities and provide affordable housing for seniors.
Public Safety – Increase police patrols and clean up deteriorated areas.
Make public safety our top budget priority!
I would be honored to earn your vote November 4th and serve as your Mayor. www.raymusser.org

David Dreier, 26th Congressional District incumbent

On our regular telephone town hall meetings, I’ve heard from families throughout the Foothills on the things that matter most – getting the economy back on track, getting American-made energy now, ending illegal immigration and tackling day-to-day challenges like reducing traffic and maintaining a clean, safe water supply.
The economy is clearly first and foremost on everyone’s mind. In this difficult climate, small businesses are struggling to secure credit to meet payroll. Consumers are struggling to get loans to buy a car or home, or even pay for college. People’s retirements are on the line. I believe we need to take careful steps to prevent this downturn from worsening, while protecting all taxpayers.
In order to promote economic growth and create jobs, I have consistently voted to keep taxes low, keep spending in check, and provide benefits to those who are struggling to find work. I have also supported housing legislation designed to assist families facing the loss of their home. Also key to our economic recovery is establishing an American-made energy supply with American resources and American jobs, something I have voted to achieve.
National security has been another constant topic of discussion. I have always voted to fully fund our troops and border patrol agents.
I have also strongly supported our veterans by voting to expand benefits like improved health care and enhancing the G.I. Bill of Rights.
On the local front, I believe working in a bipartisan way is key to results. As a result of a true federal-state-local partnership, my Democratic colleagues and I have brought home over $70 million to get perchlorate contamination out of our drinking water in the San Gabriel Valley. We are also increasing our local water supplies in the western Inland Empire with 100,000 new acre feet of clean recycled water annually.
Another challenge is reducing traffic congestion. My Democratic colleagues and I, working closely with local leaders, have helped secure nearly $30 million to bring the Gold Line Foothill Extension through the Valley to Montclair and build a strong relationship with the Federal Transit Administration to recognize its value.
Challenges remain, specifically getting the support of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, but this is a fight worth waging together.
We’re in tough times and we need a bipartisan approach to solving the challenges facing our country and communities. I will continue fighting for you and I look forward to serving you in the next Congress.