It’s out of reach — Elliott Rothman will be new Pomona mayor

Candidate   Votes Percent
ELLIOTT ROTHMAN   7,002 34.63
GEORGE HUNTER   5,220 25.81
TOMAS URSUA   2,627 12.99
E K GUERRERO JR   2,066 10.22
CANDACE BARRY   1,190 5.88
MARK NAVA   852 4.21
NICK TOSAYA   380 1.88

Registration 46,725
Precincts Reporting 16
% Precincts

2 thoughts on “It’s out of reach — Elliott Rothman will be new Pomona mayor

  1. Congratulations Mayor Rothman. I voted for you in the hope we can begin to change Pomona to a pro business city, actively seeking out new businesses to bring to the city as well as liberalizing regulations on home businesses. With the overly restrictive home business regulations that Pomona has, Hewlett-Packard (started in a garage), Apple Computer (started in a garage), and Amazon.Com (started in a garage) could never have been born and grown to be the major employers they eventually became. President Obama asked that the innovations for a greener tomorrow should come from a thousand home garages around the Country, lets make that a legally viable concept here in Pomona… And again I am soo glad you were elected, it’s time to make Pomona the number one economic engine in the Inland Empire once more!

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