Bridget Healy, Claremont City Council candidate

Claremont has been my home for 31 years and where I chose to raise a family. Eighteen of my 31 years in public service were spent working to make Claremont the 5th best place to live in the nation. I have been an active volunteer in Claremont for three decades.

As a resident, mother, public administration professional and volunteer, I understand Claremont from unique perspectives and appreciate, through personal experience, all that Claremont has to offer. I believe this distinguishes me from the other candidates.

My experience includes participating in the preparation of over 20 budgets in three cities with vastly different needs and negotiating countless labor contracts with police, fire and general service employees. I negotiated the contract with the Los Angeles County Fire Department that secured a paramedic squad for Claremont and Fire Station 62 on Mills Avenue. I was the staff liaison to Claremont’s Police Commission. I was the driving force behind the establishment of the Indio Performing Arts Center. In Pomona, Claremont and Indio, I managed Human Resources and was the internal manager responsible for day to day operations. I understand how local government works and the difference between establishing and implementing policy.

Claremont has a long history of excellent government and it shows. Our many community amenities and treasures are the result of past City Councils who made difficult, sometimes controversial, but always visionary decisions for the long term benefit of the community. Our citizens are engaged and volunteer their expertise as commissioners, in non-profit organizations and developing guiding principles for the community such as the General Plan and Sustainability Plan. I understand that governance in Claremont is most effective when council members, commissioners, citizens and staff are working towards agreed on goals.

Decades of active citizen participation and City Councils’ thoughtful planning and decision making have made Claremont a community that offers something for everyone. Our next difficult decisions will be directly related to the current economy. As information and alternatives are made available, I am prepared to make the decisions that need to be made.

I am passionate about Claremont and about public service. I will draw on my unique experiences, knowledge and perspectives to continue Claremont’s long tradition of visionary and excellent government.

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