Donna Nasmyth, La Verne City Council incumbent

I was born and raised in La Verne and I love this city. I am a product of the public schools and local community programs and have benefited from the excellent opportunities provided to me. It is a priority for me to continue supporting La Verne’s superior quality of life.

My experience in city government is expansive. I currently serve as a city council member and have served on the Planning Commission, Youth and Family Action Committee, Youth Sports Committee, and Friends of the 4th of July Committee. I understand how the decisions we make as a City Council can shape the community. I know how this city operates and am committed to keeping your best interests at heart.

My education has prepared me for my role as a council member. I have a doctorate degree in Organizational leadership and have extensive training in Strategic Planning, Politics, Team Building, and Resource Management. This knowledge has helped me in making sound decisions on critical issues that shape our community.

Fiscal Responsibility is imperative to ensure the survival of our city. As your council member I will work to operate a balanced budget and sustain our community through difficult economic times.

Superior public safety is a key component of our quality of life. It is a priority for me to work with our public safety employees to protect our interests. Our council must continue to provide the resources our police and fire departments need to provide outstanding service to the community.

I am committed to expanding current city programs, and I intend to strengthen our sustainability plan. Our residents must be educated about the environmentally responsible programs we have in place, and we must explore new ways to implement sustainable concepts and programs within our city. I have visions of implementing a Youth Commission in La Verne. This will mobilize our youth and get them involved in decisions that directly affect them, and provide them with valuable leadership opportunities within our city.

I have a life-long commitment to La Verne. Our city is safe, well-maintained, economically strong and full of many programs for youth, families and seniors. La Verne is a city that we can be proud to call home. As your council member, I am motivated and committed to preserving La Verne’s quality of life. I respectfully ask for your vote on March 3.

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