Jason Rothman, Pomona Unified challenger, 2-year term

Public education is a dynamic process that needs the involvement of parents, teachers, students and the school board For too long, school board representation has been hidden from the families of which it serves. Cooperation and accessibility between the board and the entire education system is key, and as your Board Member for the Pomona Unified School District, I will bring our community together as one, to make decisions that affect all of us.

As your Board Member for the Pomona Unified School District, I pledge to support:
– Open communication and accessibility as your school board member.
– After school programs and community activities.
– The expansion of ROP classes, including auto shop and wood shop.
– A zero tolerance policy for gangs, drugs and graffiti.
– The hiring of qualified teachers and administrators.
– Enrichment programs, including music, fine arts and graphic arts.

Cal Poly Pomona – BS in Biotechnology
Graduate of Pomona Unified School District K-12

I feel that my experience as a Pomona Planning Commissioner, and a former private music teacher and science tutor has given me the knowledge and passion to represent you on the Pomona Unified School Board.

Please vote Jason Rothman for Pomona Unified School District Board Member.
Proudly endorsed by the Associated Pomona Teachers and COPE.

Jason Rothman

Nancy Lyons, Walnut Valley Unified incumbent

Education is facing its greatest financial challenge in decades.

Nancy Lyons has balanced a budget every year, while keeping Walnut Valley “Kids First Every Day.” Her proposal to make better use of textbooks saved $1.5 million over three years and preserved critical teacher and staff jobs.

Walnut Valley is the highest performing district in the valley. Just released state and federal testing scores back this up. All schools scored at or above the statewide performance target of 800 with eight of 14 schools, including two middle schools, scoring over 900.

Diamond Bar and Walnut High Schools have once again been named among America’s best high schools in the report issued by U.S. News & World Report. Both schools are recognized as Silver Medal schools in the “2009 Best High School Search.” Diamond Bar High received the only 2008 Siemens Award for the state of California for Advanced Placement (AP) math, science, and technology. Two Walnut Valley elementary schools, C.J. Morris and Castle Rock, have achieved status as prestigious International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program schools. The elementary students learn with a world view in mind and also take lessons in Spanish as well as Mandarin Chinese.

Nancy visits each of Walnut Valley’s schools at least once a year, observing teachers in their classrooms, conferring with the school principals and inspecting facilities to ensure they are safe and properly maintained.

Nancy is an active member of several parent groups, including the Chinese American Parents Association, the Brahma Foundation and regularly attends school events/showcases at all of the 15 schools.

Nancy will keep funding cuts away from the classroom. She will work to reduce the “achievement gap” for all students regardless of race. She will increase funding for foreign language and music and arts by vigorously pursuing grants; not tax increases. Nancy will work to increase the use of technology for students and parents.

As a classroom teacher at Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Economics from Pitzer College and an MBA from Cal State Fullerton, Nancy knows business and education.

Nancy Lyons is endorsed by Congressman Gary Miller, State Senator Bob Huff, State Assemblyman Curt Hagman, Supervisor Don Knabe, Diamond Bar Mayor Ron Everett and Council Members Carol Herrera, Wen Chang and Steve Tye, and Walnut Mayor Mary Su and Council Members Nancy Tragarz, Joaquin Lim and Tom King
Vote for Nancy Lyons on Nov. 3.

Nancy Lyons
Diamond Bar

Steve Lustro, Pomona Unified incumbent, 2-year term

Celebrate education.

It’s a phrase my wife has used for years to describe one of the values we taught our daughter and son when they were growing up. College was never talked about as “optional.” We explained that competition for successful careers, whatever our kids chose, would be fierce. I believe that instilling this value at an early age played a significant role in our kids, now 24 and 23, graduating from one of the top public universities in the nation. Indeed, studies have shown that parent involvement in their children’s education makes a difference.

Former Superintendent Thelma Melndez de Santa Ana celebrated education by working tirelessly in her three years at the helm of PUSD to develop a new direction, encourage parent participation and increase community support. She received high marks for spending time on campuses and in the community visiting with kids, teachers, and parents. In response to parents’ desire for more educational options, the District established academies that focus on specific career paths, some beginning in 7th grade.

I am excited about these positive changes and accomplishments and wholeheartedly support them. Importantly, it was refreshing to hear support for these changes from parents and other stakeholders at recent meetings conducted to gather input from the community on the qualities our new superintendent should possess. I will do my best to ensure that active parent involvement is maintained as a priority to supplement our teachers’ hard work in the classroom.

We must keep our campuses crime-free to provide safe educational environments conducive to learning. If elected, I will insist that our new superintendent continue the same working relationship with new Pomona Police Chief Dave Keetle that Dr. Melndez enjoyed with former Pomona Chief Joe Romero and also the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Public service is a privilege; that said, I consider myself more privileged than most. Voters elected me in 1997 and 2001 to represent the best interests of Pomona and Diamond Bar children. After the untimely passing of longtime Board member Candelario Mendoza in June 2008, I was honored that my Board colleagues believed I was worthy enough to be appointed to fill Cande’s unexpired term.

I appreciate the opportunity to have represented the children of our community on the Board of Education for nine years. I hope that you find me a worthy leader and respectfully ask for your support again on Nov. 3.

Steve Lustro


Robert S. Torres, Pomona Unified challenger

Dear Parents,

I’m running for school board because Pomona Unified School District needs a fresh new start and a new direction. We need a school board that gets back to basics and deals with our school dropouts, gives our students the skills they need to be successful in the future, and that makes budget decisions that keep the cuts away from classrooms.

According to Education Data Partnership, last year over 500 district students dropped out of school. This is unacceptable! Studies show that children who graduate from high school are less likely to become involved with gangs, commit crimes, and are less likely to have unplanned teen pregnancies.

All students deserve our attention.

I support preparing young people for college or career by emphasizing the basics (math, reading, and writing) while adding skills for the future.

Students these days need computer skills, teamwork, critical thinking as well as vocational and technical training. I will also promote skills that will prepare them for life by teaching them responsibility, respect, and discipline.

Students will be the priority in all decisions I make, and I will insist on fiscal accountability. We do not need to invest our precious district money on consultants to produce fancy brochures. We need to make budget decisions that protect our teachers, school employees, after school programs, and services that keep our kids healthy and safe.

As a college student, community volunteer, and appointee to a Pomona city commission, I will lead the fight to keep our students in school, provide students the resources and support they need to graduate from high school and be ready for college or a career, and make sure budget decisions are not made at the expense of our children. For too long administrators and board members have been in charge while students and parents have been told to do the bake sales and pay more taxes.

Our kids only get one chance at a good education and we must do everything in our power to make sure that they have the tools necessary to succeed.

I am proud to have the support of U.S. Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano, State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, Assemblymember Norma Torres and the Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014. I will be honored to have your support.

On Nov. 3, please join me in standing up for our children’s future.

Robert S. Torres


Kathleen Brugger, Chaffey College board incumbent

During my 16-year tenure on the Chaffey College board, expanded educational opportunities serving more students in the community included the:

* Expansion of the Chaffey College Chino campus and Fontana Center allowing students to complete their degree at these facilities.
* Continuing expansion and development of the Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga campuses.
* Easing barriers for students getting into college by taking programs to high schools.
* Introduction and encouragement of high school student participation in dual enrollment of Chaffey College courses by utilizing high school and/or community facilities.
* Bringing of the Educational Excellence Center as a one-stop shop for new and continuing students.
* Development of Chaffey College Community Linkages, bringing Omnitrans Bus Passes for the first two weeks of Chaffey College courses, involvement with local Chambers of Commerce, hosting annual breakfasts for high school counselors and continuing support of Student ambassadors at district high schools.
* Creation and expansion of the Workforce Development program allowing free, customized training for 37 employers and 1,017 employees. Through this program, the Chaffey College district area annually receives roughly $896.6 million in income due to past and present efforts of the Chaffey Workforce Development Program.

Chaffey College has an all-time enrollment of 22,000 students while facing the challenges of $7 million budget reduction due to lessened property taxes, and decreased state allocations.
These challenges are at a time as we face a reduction in CSU/UC admittance, a greatly enhanced new G.I. bill, and an increased demand for job skills training due to the economy causing increased enrollment and higher demand for our programs.

My goals for the future include: 1) expanding public/private partnerships for a highly trained workforce; 2) maintaining the college’s commitment to academic/educational cooperation with our local and international student community; 3) enhancement of our campus wide policy of service to the public.

My years of experience as a governing board member for Chaffey Community College has developed a working relationship within the areas we serve and allows the continuation of the positive growth and direction of our Chaffey College District in times of increased challenges. As the educational issues become more involved, finding effective answers will be achieved by continuing to work as a team for our students, staff, and communities!

Vote – Incumbent – Kathy Brugger, Chaffey College Governing Board Member, Nov. 3.

Steven Llanusa, Claremont Unified board incumbent

I am running for re-election because I have skills and abilities needed on the Claremont School Board. I am an experienced leader, a classroom teacher, and parent volunteer with three primary goals:

– Increasing Student Achievement — Standardized tests don’t have to mean standardized schools. Each school’s strengths and culture provide for a variety of tools and strengths to help its individual students.

– Improving School Environment — Resources for classrooms must be the highest priority in the current budget situation to sustain continued academic progress. Students must be safe from bullying, prejudice, and substance abuse.

– Intensify Accountability — Decision making and information should be readily available, accurate, and accessible for all.

I am proud to have been the driving force on the School Board in awarding P.E. credit for afterschool sports participation. My attention to detail aided the Board when we reviewed all District policies where I moved to institute full-day kindergarten. I facilitated communication and cooperation between the School Board and City Council as the Board’s chosen representative to Claremont’s Youth and Family Master Plan Update and the Claremont Sustainability Task Force.

In my first term I represented the School Board on the Claremont Afterschool Programs (CLASP), Claremont Community Coordinating Council, and the Los Angeles County School Boards association (LACSTA). School board members from throughout L.A. County elected me to the LACSTA Executive Board.

As a proud parent of three Claremont High graduates and a current CHS student, I became an active parent in our schools in 1995 when my first foster son started there. I have served as a PFA Officer at the elementary school level, El Roble, and Claremont High. I am a Parent Booster for Claremont High Sports and Instrumental Music. My experiences in the activities of PFAs and Claremont schools give me a day-to-day view that I bring to the School Board. I also volunteered in the Save Our Schools campaign of the Claremont Educational Foundation (CEF).

As a teacher for 21 years, I have experience with a variety of curricular programs and educational reforms. My expertise in technology was used at a recent district training for teachers. I have seen firsthand how decisions in the Board room affect instruction in the classroom.

I will continue to provide the unique voice of an experienced leader, a classroom teacher, and a parent volunteer. I look forward to serving the children and community of Claremont for a second term.

Steven Llanusa

Katie Roberts, Chaffey College board incumbent

In 1960 I left the safety of high school and followed my friends to community college–the first in my family to do so.  It was crowded.  Classes and parking were at a premium.  I had to borrow to make the tuition but I stuck to it. 
A kind professor suggested that I change my major to criminal justice and that is when my life truly changed. I spent 43 years in law enforcement promoting from dispatcher to Captain and obtaining a Masters degree. 
I now have a daughter in graduate school who faces the same challenges.  My interest in being on the Chaffey Board is to help other students achieve that life changing experience. like I did.
When I’m not at Chaffey, I sit on the boards of: Rotary, Travelers Aid, West End Family Counseling, LEO, The Price Foundation, and The Police Museum    I believe my community background, my experience on the Chaffey Foundation Board and the eight years on the governing board make me a good candidate.  What I have to offer is a strong knowledge of Human Resources, safety issues and the law.  I’m most proud of participating in the addition of Criminal Justice, Corrections and Fire Science Degrees along with classes on School Safety.
Chaffey is a well run institution with extraordinary faculty and staff.  The current board works well together and has many challenges ahead: doing more with less; finding room for 22,000 students (and their cars), serving the student community and the community surrounding Chaffey.
My commitment is to provide quality service while keeping costs minimal.  We need to continue being vigilant in expenditures from the Bond fund and find new ways to partner with the community.  The Chaffey Board needs to continue working as a team to assure that every dream is fulfilled.
Katie Roberts