Andrew Wong, Pomona Unified incumbent

Andrew Wong is the President of the Pomona Unified School Board.

Four years ago, he promised to find ways for our kids to receive a well-rounded education. He promised to keep a close eye on District spending and cut any waste. And he promised to do everything possible to keep our kids safe at school.

And over the past four years, that’s exactly what he’s done.

He brought in Superintendent Thelma Melendez, who has done an excellent job, but unfortunately is leaving to join President Obama’s Administration. Andrew is committed to making sure her replacement is every bit as capable.

He’s approved new Math and Science programs. He helped bring in new athletic fields to our campuses. And he’s been a strong promoter of arts and music education.
He has led the charge to root out wasteful spending everywhere he’s found it. And over these last four years, he has saved the District tens of thousands of dollars because of his watchful eye.

Always committed to making sure our kids learn in a safe environment, Andrew helped re-write the District’s school volunteer fingerprinting policy ensuring no one who might do harm to our students ever gets on campus.

Re-Elect Andrew Wong.

Andrew Wong
Diamond Bar

One thought on “Andrew Wong, Pomona Unified incumbent

  1. Dear Andrew,

    The departing Superintendent is a Broad Superintendent’s Acadamy Fellow.

    Is it the Board’s intention to replace the departing Superintendent with an individual who has strong ties to the Broad Foundation or who has shown strong support for the school refomr agenda that the Broad Foundation is sponsoring in Pomona Unified School District?

    Thank you,

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