Steve Lustro, Pomona Unified incumbent, 2-year term

Celebrate education.

It’s a phrase my wife has used for years to describe one of the values we taught our daughter and son when they were growing up. College was never talked about as “optional.” We explained that competition for successful careers, whatever our kids chose, would be fierce. I believe that instilling this value at an early age played a significant role in our kids, now 24 and 23, graduating from one of the top public universities in the nation. Indeed, studies have shown that parent involvement in their children’s education makes a difference.

Former Superintendent Thelma Melndez de Santa Ana celebrated education by working tirelessly in her three years at the helm of PUSD to develop a new direction, encourage parent participation and increase community support. She received high marks for spending time on campuses and in the community visiting with kids, teachers, and parents. In response to parents’ desire for more educational options, the District established academies that focus on specific career paths, some beginning in 7th grade.

I am excited about these positive changes and accomplishments and wholeheartedly support them. Importantly, it was refreshing to hear support for these changes from parents and other stakeholders at recent meetings conducted to gather input from the community on the qualities our new superintendent should possess. I will do my best to ensure that active parent involvement is maintained as a priority to supplement our teachers’ hard work in the classroom.

We must keep our campuses crime-free to provide safe educational environments conducive to learning. If elected, I will insist that our new superintendent continue the same working relationship with new Pomona Police Chief Dave Keetle that Dr. Melndez enjoyed with former Pomona Chief Joe Romero and also the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Public service is a privilege; that said, I consider myself more privileged than most. Voters elected me in 1997 and 2001 to represent the best interests of Pomona and Diamond Bar children. After the untimely passing of longtime Board member Candelario Mendoza in June 2008, I was honored that my Board colleagues believed I was worthy enough to be appointed to fill Cande’s unexpired term.

I appreciate the opportunity to have represented the children of our community on the Board of Education for nine years. I hope that you find me a worthy leader and respectfully ask for your support again on Nov. 3.

Steve Lustro


Kathleen Brugger, Chaffey College board incumbent

During my 16-year tenure on the Chaffey College board, expanded educational opportunities serving more students in the community included the:

* Expansion of the Chaffey College Chino campus and Fontana Center allowing students to complete their degree at these facilities.
* Continuing expansion and development of the Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga campuses.
* Easing barriers for students getting into college by taking programs to high schools.
* Introduction and encouragement of high school student participation in dual enrollment of Chaffey College courses by utilizing high school and/or community facilities.
* Bringing of the Educational Excellence Center as a one-stop shop for new and continuing students.
* Development of Chaffey College Community Linkages, bringing Omnitrans Bus Passes for the first two weeks of Chaffey College courses, involvement with local Chambers of Commerce, hosting annual breakfasts for high school counselors and continuing support of Student ambassadors at district high schools.
* Creation and expansion of the Workforce Development program allowing free, customized training for 37 employers and 1,017 employees. Through this program, the Chaffey College district area annually receives roughly $896.6 million in income due to past and present efforts of the Chaffey Workforce Development Program.

Chaffey College has an all-time enrollment of 22,000 students while facing the challenges of $7 million budget reduction due to lessened property taxes, and decreased state allocations.
These challenges are at a time as we face a reduction in CSU/UC admittance, a greatly enhanced new G.I. bill, and an increased demand for job skills training due to the economy causing increased enrollment and higher demand for our programs.

My goals for the future include: 1) expanding public/private partnerships for a highly trained workforce; 2) maintaining the college’s commitment to academic/educational cooperation with our local and international student community; 3) enhancement of our campus wide policy of service to the public.

My years of experience as a governing board member for Chaffey Community College has developed a working relationship within the areas we serve and allows the continuation of the positive growth and direction of our Chaffey College District in times of increased challenges. As the educational issues become more involved, finding effective answers will be achieved by continuing to work as a team for our students, staff, and communities!

Vote – Incumbent – Kathy Brugger, Chaffey College Governing Board Member, Nov. 3.

Corey Calaycay, Claremont City Council incumbent

I thank the citizens of Claremont for allowing me to serve as their councilmember over the past four years. As a thirty-five year resident, I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the opportunity afforded me to partially repay the community that has given me so much.

We are currently in one of the most difficult periods of our time. Our City, the State of California, and the entire country are facing enormous fiscal challenges. It is against this backdrop that we must consider who are the best candidates with the widest policy experience to help guide the decisions we make as a city for the good of the entire community.

I am grateful to have played a role in decisions that will continue to produce positive results for our community for years. These include the improvements at the Old School House, the bond and acquisition of Johnson’s Pasture, the initiation of the Claremont sustainability plan, the completion of Village West, the new General Plan, and improvements on San Jose Avenue and along Baseline Road.

I have a track record on council that is there for everyone to see. I have never strayed from my original promises: to always strive to conduct myself with honesty and integrity, to ensure transparency in government and accessibility to it, to make decisions that are fiscally prudent, and to ensure that policy is citizen-driven. These basic precepts have served as my guiding principles on the council and are reflected in the votes that I have cast. Sometimes I have been in the dissent, but I have always tried to work cordially with my fellow councilmembers, our regional partners, and staff on every issue.

Most importantly, I have never forgotten that I work for all of the citizens of Claremont. This is a great challenge because Claremont residents possess a wide range of political and philosophical thought and high expectations of their elected officials and city government. While it is impossible to always please everyone, it is a common desire of our residents to want their representatives to work hard for them; to be honest with them; and to ensure a fair, consistent, open, and accessible process. I have tried to be that kind of representative.

On March 3rd, please vote for me, Corey Calaycay, so that I can continue working for you.

Charlie Rosales, La Verne City Council candidate

Charlie Rosales has been in public service for over 43 years. His public service career began with his enlistment in the United States Army in 1966. He served in Vietnam before his honorable discharge as a sergeant in 1969.

He then joined the Covina Police Department where he served in various assignments before he retired as a sergeant. From 1999-2007 he started a human resources consulting business in La Verne.

Charlie holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Citrus College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from Pepperdine University. He has taken many classes in Human Resources law and procedures.

Charlie was appointed to the City of La Verne Planning Commission in 2003 and voted to the Planning Commission Chair in 2007 where he presently serves. He is the only candidate for City Council that has planning commission experience as the chairperson.

He has the proven leadership training and ability to make the seamless transition from Planning Commission to City Council.

Charlie brings more than just a resume to this position. He has taken an active role in the community through his dedicated volunteer service. He has dedicated many hours volunteering at a local food bank, coaching a youth basketball team, and on several projects in La Verne. He is the dependable volunteer who is always available to offer his time when called upon.

Charlie Rosales has the unique work experience of a career in law enforcement and the experience of being a small business owner coupled with the education and specialized skills that enable him to work effectively with various work groups. He understands the needs of the residents of La Verne and is ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. He has the time, desire, and dedication to effectively lead and nurture the City of La Verne for the next four years. Charlie Rosales seeks the honor and privilege of being the next member of the La Verne City Council.

Larry Schroeder, Claremont City Council candidate

My name is Larry Schroeder and I am running for the Claremont City Council. As you know, the election is on March 3rd.

I am running for City Council because everyone needs to give back to their community with the talents they have. I have a unique combination of knowledge and experience that qualifies me for the position and dealing with these difficult times.

I have twenty-six years experience in city government, nineteen of which I served as the Director of Finance for the cities of Glendora and Lakewood. I developed nineteen balanced budgets. I also bring seventeen years experience retaining as well as attracting new businesses to cities through economic development efforts which will help Claremont weather this difficult economic time.

I have a doctorate degree in Public Administration and teach a course in public budgeting at the University of La Verne. With my knowledge and experience, I can bring informed budget insight to the Claremont City Council and a fresh perspective to the important issues.
As a current member of the Community Service Commission, I have represented the interests of residents well.

In addition to addressing our economic issues, we must preserve our Community and its resources for future generations. Claremont’s Sustainability Plan must be implemented and a monthly progress report given to the City Council to keep this issue in the forefront of our consciousness. We must also address water and electricity conservation measures, as well as reduction, reuse, and recycling of refuse for the Community as a whole.

Claremont should construct a practical, more efficient police facility when financing is available. This financing could come from State and Federal economic stimulus grants now being offered; the likelihood of obtaining a grant like this would be drastically increased if the project was “shovel ready.” My preference is keep the police facility at its present location.

Under State law, Claremont must provide affordable housing. With my knowledge and expertise in this area, we can meet this goal with available funding and develop decent affordable housing that is appropriate to Claremont a reality.

We can weather these hard times, but intelligent leadership is necessary. I believe that I offer the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that Claremont will successfully meet the challenges and remain the wonderful city we all know and love. I am asking for your vote on March 3rd. Together we can make a better Claremont.

Donna Nasmyth, La Verne City Council incumbent

I was born and raised in La Verne and I love this city. I am a product of the public schools and local community programs and have benefited from the excellent opportunities provided to me. It is a priority for me to continue supporting La Verne’s superior quality of life.

My experience in city government is expansive. I currently serve as a city council member and have served on the Planning Commission, Youth and Family Action Committee, Youth Sports Committee, and Friends of the 4th of July Committee. I understand how the decisions we make as a City Council can shape the community. I know how this city operates and am committed to keeping your best interests at heart.

My education has prepared me for my role as a council member. I have a doctorate degree in Organizational leadership and have extensive training in Strategic Planning, Politics, Team Building, and Resource Management. This knowledge has helped me in making sound decisions on critical issues that shape our community.

Fiscal Responsibility is imperative to ensure the survival of our city. As your council member I will work to operate a balanced budget and sustain our community through difficult economic times.

Superior public safety is a key component of our quality of life. It is a priority for me to work with our public safety employees to protect our interests. Our council must continue to provide the resources our police and fire departments need to provide outstanding service to the community.

I am committed to expanding current city programs, and I intend to strengthen our sustainability plan. Our residents must be educated about the environmentally responsible programs we have in place, and we must explore new ways to implement sustainable concepts and programs within our city. I have visions of implementing a Youth Commission in La Verne. This will mobilize our youth and get them involved in decisions that directly affect them, and provide them with valuable leadership opportunities within our city.

I have a life-long commitment to La Verne. Our city is safe, well-maintained, economically strong and full of many programs for youth, families and seniors. La Verne is a city that we can be proud to call home. As your council member, I am motivated and committed to preserving La Verne’s quality of life. I respectfully ask for your vote on March 3.

Robin Carder, La Verne City Council candidate

Age: 53 Occupation: University of La Verne/Business Manager

My personal motto has always been “get involved and make a positive difference” As a resident of La Verne for 30 years, I have stayed involved in many aspects of our City. I believe that our local government requires leaders that understand the culture of our community and I have that experience.

I was elected by the great citizens of La Verne to serve two terms as a Board Member for the Bonita Unified School District which has provided me years of experience with budgets, policies and procedures. Serving the students, professional staff and parents of our District was my privilege and it now would be an honor to serve the citizens of La Verne as a council member. My history of involvement in our community includes being a business owner, Acting Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Little League Board, Coach for Bonita High School, Youth and Family Action Board, Homeowners Association Board and numerous volunteer groups.

I earned an Accounting Degree from Mount San Antonio College in 1991 and a Degree in Organizational Management from the University of La Verne in 2007. I have managed budgets over twice the size of our city budget and I plan to use my experience in maintaining fiscal responsibility for our citizens. By virtue of serving on the BUSD Board as a trustee, I gained experience with a large staff/workforce. I have experience recruiting and hiring excellent people into key positions, such as our superintendent, assistant superintendents and principals.

My Goals if elected:
Public Safety is the most important issue for our city. I will uphold the standards set by our community and work to secure new facilities for our police and fire in the near future.
The economy is another concern for me. The unknown is what makes me want to prepare for economic hardships. I want to create a community foundation that would assist those in need in our own community.
Visable and assessable to our citizens. If elected I am here to serve the people and listen to their concerns.

On a personal note, my husband and I have been married for 35 years and our roots are firmly planted in La Verne. We have two married children, one grandson and a new grandchild on the way.

Bridget Healy, Claremont City Council candidate

Claremont has been my home for 31 years and where I chose to raise a family. Eighteen of my 31 years in public service were spent working to make Claremont the 5th best place to live in the nation. I have been an active volunteer in Claremont for three decades.

As a resident, mother, public administration professional and volunteer, I understand Claremont from unique perspectives and appreciate, through personal experience, all that Claremont has to offer. I believe this distinguishes me from the other candidates.

My experience includes participating in the preparation of over 20 budgets in three cities with vastly different needs and negotiating countless labor contracts with police, fire and general service employees. I negotiated the contract with the Los Angeles County Fire Department that secured a paramedic squad for Claremont and Fire Station 62 on Mills Avenue. I was the staff liaison to Claremont’s Police Commission. I was the driving force behind the establishment of the Indio Performing Arts Center. In Pomona, Claremont and Indio, I managed Human Resources and was the internal manager responsible for day to day operations. I understand how local government works and the difference between establishing and implementing policy.

Claremont has a long history of excellent government and it shows. Our many community amenities and treasures are the result of past City Councils who made difficult, sometimes controversial, but always visionary decisions for the long term benefit of the community. Our citizens are engaged and volunteer their expertise as commissioners, in non-profit organizations and developing guiding principles for the community such as the General Plan and Sustainability Plan. I understand that governance in Claremont is most effective when council members, commissioners, citizens and staff are working towards agreed on goals.

Decades of active citizen participation and City Councils’ thoughtful planning and decision making have made Claremont a community that offers something for everyone. Our next difficult decisions will be directly related to the current economy. As information and alternatives are made available, I am prepared to make the decisions that need to be made.

I am passionate about Claremont and about public service. I will draw on my unique experiences, knowledge and perspectives to continue Claremont’s long tradition of visionary and excellent government.

Norm Faustini, La Verne City Council candidate

Occupation: Retired Businessman
I am a 27-year resident of La Verne and along with my wife have raised 4 children, two of which graduated from the Bonita School System. Our oldest son graduated from USC Medical School with a doctorate degree and our oldest daughter graduated from UCLA as an RN. She recently obtained her master’s degree from the University of La Verne.

I retired from the service after Desert Storm as a Command Master Chief with the Navy Seabees. I also retired from Pacific Bell where I had enjoyed a position as upper level supervisor in charge of installation/repair and labor relations in the greater Los Angeles area.

Currently, I am the Coordinator for the La Verne Police Department’s Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol which provides me with the opportunity to interface with many city officials and members of our community. I have a vast amount of experience within the City of La Verne having worked on many projects. These include working on the 5-Year Housing Element Committee, the Bonita High School’s “Every 15 Minutes Safety Program,” and raising money for both the “Every 15 Minute Program”and the Youth and Family Action Committee. I have attended the La Verne Leadership Academy and La Verne’s Citizen’s Academy. In addition I co-chaired the National Night Out Against Crime with the management of Target, and am a recipient of the Jack Huntington “Pride of La Verne” Award. The experiences gained from holding these positions prepare me to be a qualified candidate for the city council.

I feel strongly about maintaining our small town atmosphere while keeping our city safe and financially strong. The city is unsurpassed in its benefits and services to the residents. One of my goals will be to do everything possible to keep our taxes down by encouraging businesses to come to La Verne. Also, I would promote the “Shop La Verne” program to support our local businesses.

I would greatly appreciate your support. Voting for me would be a vote for an experienced, dedicated, hard-working addition to the La Verne City Council.

Wyatt Troxel, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Division V incumbent

I am a 40-year water professional, have been an active IEUA Director for 16 years and Board President for the past 2 years.
IEUA provides imported water to local water providers, including Rancho Cucamonga, bridging the gap between water demand and local supplies. Imported water is 50% of our total supply. But legal challenges and drought now threaten our imported supply.
There is enough water to meet our needs, but none to waste. Years ago, I recognized that imported water supplies would not be sustainable, especially if we keep using drinking water for all of our needs. So, I led IEUA to launch a very aggressive water plan and public education campaign: Water Conservation and Water Recycling.
Water conservation is a stewardship principle: Water saved today is water for tomorrow. IEUA’s in-home conservation program has reduced household water consumption by 10%.
But there is more to do <WC>–<WC1> outside.
My vision is to reduce drinking water usage another 30% within 3 years. It’s doable and saving water saves you money. For example, landscape uses 60% of our drinking water and nearly half of that water is wasted every day! Resetting irrigation to avoid runoff, installing water efficient sprinklers, reducing turf area and planting ornate, low demand plants are ways to reduce our monthly water bill up to 30%!
Through IEUA I implemented a plan to save you more money through local rebate programs for high-efficiency washing machines, water softener devices, irrigation controllers and turf removal/replacement. (See for rebates<WC>.<WC1>)
I believe water stewardship also means “the right water for the right purpose.” Water used in our public landscape equals the water needs of 100,000 homes! We shouldn’t irrigate our public areas with our drinking water! Under my plan we have accelerated our 10-year program to stop using drinking water on our green public landscapes. By late next year IEUA will be providing recycled water to over 1/3 of all the public spaces in our cities, and replace the use of drinking water in all public landscape within 3 years.
Meeting our water supply challenges requires vision, strong leadership, innovation and tough public policy decisions. Under my leadership, IEUA has set new industry standards for water sustainability and green innovation, yet has maintained low service rates to our communities.
Your vote to re-elect Wyatt Troxel will continue our vision for sustainable and safe water supply and a stable future.