John Mendoza, Mt. San Antonio College challenger

Several years ago when then Gov. Gray Davis was being recalled by voters of California an angry board member of Mt. San Antonio Community College echoed the thoughts in a board meeting to the public that Davis must be taught a lesson and be punished for taking so-called funds away from community colleges in California. Now several years later as California faces a much greater economic, social, and education crisis the bashing of the governor has ceased among the same board member even though the crisis in education has gotten worst. Mt. SAC Board of Trustees needs a strong voice which will be tireless in demanding that those in Sacramento must cease in taking revenue from community colleges. Mt. SAC can go the extra mile in gaining funds if the Board of Trustees members partnership with all area legislators and not just a selected few.

The crisis in California has created massive unemployment not witnessed since the Great Depression. Workers within the district along with students in the district which includes cities such as Diamond Bar, Pomona, Hacienda Heights, Baldwin Park and several other cities as far as La Puente in the west are in dire need to be retrained for new jobs. The voters in the past have given the green light for Board members to pass bond measures to modernize the college. “But” many students in the district have not attended the college because of the classroom overflows. In a recent study conducted by the Los Angeles County Office of Education it was concluded that many cities outside the district have increased in student enrollment while many cities in the district such as Pomona have remained the same. The Mt. SAC Board needs leadership which is accountable to the public and cities in the district. A partnership needs to be developed among all educational institutions in the district that give each stakeholder a say on how to share the resources at Mt. SAC to increase enrollment. What the pubic does not need is just another ad hoc committee with no binding vote and another student unable to attend the college. Chaffey College has a satellite college in many cities in their district.

Much has been accomplished at Mt. SAC to make it one of the best community colleges in the state of California. Now is the time has to make sure that every student and community members in the district get their fair share of the educational opportunities available at Mt. SAC.
John Mendoza

Judy Chen Haggerty, Mt. San Antonio College Governing Board incumbent

As a Mt SAC Governing Board member for 8 years, I have worked effectively with Mt. SAC’s teachers, administrators, students, other board members and citizens of the Mt. SAC District. As a professor at Rio Hondo College and University of Phoenix, I have a comprehensive understanding of the diverse educational needs of our community. I am committed to ensuring that Mt. SAC overcomes current economic challenges without impairing services to our students and our community. With your support, I will continue to ensure that Mt. SAC delivers affordable, superior programs to prepare students for success in their future careers. With your support, I will continue to serve you for the betterment of the community.

With your support, I will continue to represent you with the following commitment:
Student success — delivery of excellent education is the No. 1 priority.
Taxpayer’s watch dog — make sure taxpayer’s dollars are spent wisely.
Fiscal accountability — balance the college’s budget and maintain a healthy reserve for emergencies.
Positive working relations with college constituents.
Community advocacy — constructive partnerships with business organizations.

As a 26-year Mt. SAC District resident, I understand and share your concerns relating to our community. I have challenged myself daily to promote Mt. SAC in the community whenever and wherever possible, including participating in community events in the Mt. SAC District as a visible and vocal ambassador of Mt. San Antonio College. I have been a life-long community volunteer for the past 26 years.

My community activities include the following:
California Leadership Alliance for Student Success (CLASS Project)
Mt. SAC Project Participant Representative.
Founding Director: FORUS Foundation, Rowland USD, Former director: Mt.SAC Foundation, Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Walnut/Diamond Bar Sheriff Booster Club, Walnut Valley Rotary Club Community Advisor: La Puente ROP.

I have received endorsements from many officials and community leaders. My endorsements include: Supervisor Don Knabe, Congressman Gary Miller, Senator Bob Huff, Assemblyman Curt Hagman. Mayors: Manuel Lozano, Walt Allen, Dave Perez, Curt Morris, Mary Su. City Councils: Monica Garcia, Steve Tye, Carol Herrera, Tom King, School Boards: Heidi Gallegos, Norman Hsu, Anita Perez, Larry Redinger, Robert Fuentes, Gilbert Garcia. Mt. SAC Board Members: Manuel Baca, Rosanne Bader, Fred Chyr.

I am committed to provide the residents of the Mt. SAC District and its neighboring areas with world-class, affordable and accessible learning opportunities. I am asking you for the opportunity to continue to serve you and the students of Mt. SAC.
Judy Chen Haggerty, J.D./Professor/Attorney at Law