Nancy Matarrita, Pomona Unified challenger, 2-year term

I am Nancy Matarrita, the students’ voice, the parents’ choice for Pomona School Board.
I live, work, shop, play, worship and serve in Pomona, with one question always in mind, “Will this help improve the lives of Pomona youth?”

Pomona needs a proven advocate on the school board, dedicated to promoting the success of our children. With your support and vote, I can be that board member.

Dropout rates must be reduced. An extensive 2005 survey of 4,000 Pomona students showed that too many felt like academic failures. This perception can change as each student learns to be successful at something. I will encourage personnel to build on students’ strengths, to work with parents and community partners to expand educational experiences during and afterschool, and to reprogram our secondary schools to include wider opportunities to earn vocational certificates.

The safety of our students is imperative. I’ll encourage pro-active prevention of criminal behavior and truancy through revamped safety procedures emphasizing training and technology, and through character and attitude re-shaping utilizing Youth and Family Master Plan programs.

Resources are scarce. I will be creative, open and strategic while seeking solutions to funding problems and to the efficient utilization of excess facilities.

Qualifications/ Community Involvement:
BA — Economics/Political Science, Claremont McKenna College
Former — Communications/Marketing Director-Non-profit, Pomona business owner, tax-preparer, PUSD substitute teacher, Daily Bulletin Columnist, Pomona YMCA Gymnastics coach, Scout leader, Tutor, Moose Youth Awareness Chairman.
Current — Global Impact Administrative Assistant-Pomona First Baptist, Computer Instructor/Library Assistant-Pomona Library, Director-Inland Empire Credit Union, Officer-Pomona Women of the Moose, Member-Youth and Family Master Plan Community Board, Co-Facilitator-Active Community Empowerment Task Force, Merit Badge Counselor, Youth Basketball Program Coordinator-PFB, SAP, Strengthening Families and OJJDP gang prevention trained.

Mothers are innovators, problem-solvers, peacemakers, financial whizzes, teachers, team players, managers, entrepreneurs, administrators, highly skilled in negotiating, conflict resolution and crisis management. As mother of four wonderful bundles of potential, with about 20 years experience as a PUSD parent, I served on site councils at Alcott, Simons and Garey, and was Garey Parent of the Year.

With three now in college, with part-time jobs, I know what it takes for young people to survive and thrive in Pomona. I offer a positive vision, with practical solutions and innovative ideas, backed by hands-on experience, in board governance, in community involvement, and in education.

This uniquely qualifies me to serve you and your children on the Pomona School Board. Please elect Nancy Matarrita.

Nancy Matarrita

Jason Rothman, Pomona Unified challenger, 2-year term

Public education is a dynamic process that needs the involvement of parents, teachers, students and the school board For too long, school board representation has been hidden from the families of which it serves. Cooperation and accessibility between the board and the entire education system is key, and as your Board Member for the Pomona Unified School District, I will bring our community together as one, to make decisions that affect all of us.

As your Board Member for the Pomona Unified School District, I pledge to support:
– Open communication and accessibility as your school board member.
– After school programs and community activities.
– The expansion of ROP classes, including auto shop and wood shop.
– A zero tolerance policy for gangs, drugs and graffiti.
– The hiring of qualified teachers and administrators.
– Enrichment programs, including music, fine arts and graphic arts.

Cal Poly Pomona – BS in Biotechnology
Graduate of Pomona Unified School District K-12

I feel that my experience as a Pomona Planning Commissioner, and a former private music teacher and science tutor has given me the knowledge and passion to represent you on the Pomona Unified School Board.

Please vote Jason Rothman for Pomona Unified School District Board Member.
Proudly endorsed by the Associated Pomona Teachers and COPE.

Jason Rothman