James V. Curatalo, Cucamonga Valley Water District board incumbent

NAME: James V. Curatalo, Jr.; Age: 53; OCCUPATION: Board Member, Cucamonga Valley Water District
PERSONAL: Married, 3 children; Rancho Cucamonga resident 22 years; Battalion Chief, Rancho Cucamonga Fire District, 23 years of service; President, CVWD Board, 9 years of service
It has been an honor to serve you on the Board of Directors of the Cucamonga Valley Water District.
During my term of office, we have established 6 new wells, increased water production from 38 to 62 million gallons per day, increased water storage capacity from 70 to over 90 million gallons, and established a Recycled Water Program which will save millions of gallons of high quality drinking water.
Water is vitally important to our future. Drought, pollution and rising demands challenge our water supply. I will continue to do my best to make the right policy decisions and implement the strategic plans which we have developed to ensure clean, abundant and affordable drinking water for our community.
With your continued support I pledge to commit to:
High quality Drinking Water at Affordable Rates
Fight against Pollution and Contamination
Expansion of our Recycled Water Distribution System
Manage our Water Resources to the benefit of Future Generations
Thank you for your support.
James V. Curatalo, Jr.

Floyd Clark Sr., Cucamonga Valley Water District board incumbent

SERVICE to me is still the highest form of honor. Therefore, I seek your support in helping me to continue to serve this community. With almost 30 years of service as a public safety leader, my understanding of our precious natural public resources, and my dedication to this community has afforded me the opportunity to serve you as a board member for Cucamonga Valley Water District. Working to acquire the necessary water supply for now and the anticipated growth if tomorrow. Maximizing our efforts by fully taking advantage of opportunities to recycle, conserve, and transfer ground water while purchasing additional water rights. We can say this is service that you can depend on!
I am a VISIONARY who will not stop looking beyond the horizon for hope and future opportunities. We cannot wait for solutions to come to us, but we must continually develop strategic plans that will enable us to not only meet the needs for today, but the needs of our children and grandchildren for tomorrow. Smart planning, projecting and an effective capital management program are ways that we will continue to meet the need of our customers.
I am AVAILABLE to take the time to study and make informed decisions on some of the matters that affect us all — WATER. I give you my WORD, based on my dedication and service to our community that I will work hard, on your behalf and make sound decisions for the good of this community. For this reason, I need your support. Our policy-making body has provided sound leadership that makes this district second to none. I am asking you to continue to show your faith in this District by voting: FLOYD E. CLARK SR., DIRECTOR, Cucamonga Valley Water District

Sharon Baer, Cucamonga Valley Water District board candidate

As a member of the CVWD Board I will be your advocate on budget and water issues that affect you, your family and your business. Let us safeguard and conserve our water through planned, sensible growth, thoughtful use, proper methodology, innovation and appropriate spending.
With concern about economic stability we cannot afford to be frivolous. As ratepayers, we don’t have much control over how money is spent by utility companies. That is not the case with your water bill. Direct local control of expenditures can be closely monitored by the elected officials on the Water Board. Is a $750,000.00 remodel of the existing lobby of the Water Company building in the interest of the ratepayers? Could the existing lobby be made safe and attractive for less? I suggest to you that it can. My membership on the Board will bring the business perspective needed to meet the challenges of operating your water district with fiscal restraint.
My career as a successful business owner has given me the necessary expertise and sound judgment to address the short and long term needs of our Water District and its non-profit (501c3) Frontier Project. I have been an active community volunteer, participating in and leading organizations in Rancho Cucamonga for 32 years, including over 20 years as the owner-operator of a successful local business, Past-President of the National Association of Woman Business Owners-IE, member of Executive Boards and non-profits such as OPARC, The Visiting Nurses Association of Southern California, the County Youth Accountability Board and current Planning Department “Visioneers.” I understand budgets, receivables, payables, human resources, capital expenditures, government regulations and fiscal and fiduciary responsibility because I have lived them. I have met payroll, struggled over benefit costs, studied bids and written proposals. These are skills that are needed more than ever today.
Since the formation of your Water Board in 1955 the skills of the Boards of Directors have typically been balanced, representing a variety of business as well as community interests. My background includes a career in the day to day operation of my own business, making daily decisions that have nurtured a vision that spans decades. I am a candidate whose career shows the long term effects of controlling the bottom line. My skills will add a necessary balance of experience to your Board.
I respectfully ask for your vote. Thank you.
www.BaerforCVWD.com Sharon@BaerforCVWD.com<WC>

Henry Stoy, Cucamonga Valley Water District board candidate

I am a water professional with 28 years in the business. I have the following experience to enable me to serve you well:
Senior Manager, L.A. Department of Water and Power, the nation’s largest municipal utility (18 years)
Director, Cucamonga Valley Water District (8 years)<WC>
Member, Water Resources Institute Advisory Board (4 years)
Trustee, Central School District (5 years)<WC>
Air Force lieutenant colonel (23 years)
Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) receives all of its revenue from charges for water and sewer services, with CVWD’s board of directors having approval authority for rate increases. So, CVWD is able to raise rates every year to support whatever level of spending it desires. In other words, it’s been business as usual at CVWD while other governmental entities have been forced to make cuts due to California’s budget crisis.
This year, CVWD approved a new rate structure which guarantees that ratepayers will be paying more for water through 2011. That wouldn’t be so bad if the additional money was used for water-related expenses. But CVWD has gotten into the habit of raising rates and then spending large sums on items which have nothing to do with providing water to its customers. Consider the examples detailed in the following paragraphs.
CVWD spent over $100,000 to change its name.
CVWD spent over $250,000 to remodel its board meeting room, which was only 5 years old at the time.
The Frontier Project, an environmentally friendly demonstration building is officially being built by the Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization, with CVWD as major contributor–and how! CVWD’s ratepayers may have to pay $13 million of the $14 million cost, depending on other contributions (only $1 million to date). That’s a high price to pay for a building CVWD has no practical use for, and which will mainly serve as a showcase for products and services of private companies (solar panels, recycled building materials, etc.). The few water saving features could easily have been incorporated into CVWD’s existing buildings and the surrounding areas.
CVWD should be mindful of the difficult times its ratepayers are enduring. Its customers are losing their jobs and homes and paying more for everything they buy. Ratepayer dollars should be used only to ensure a safe and reliable water supply, not for expensive frills and boondoggles!

Ron Sakala, Cucamonga Valley Water District board incumbent

I have been a resident of Rancho Cucamonga since 1972 and a local businessman in this community for over 36 years. I received my degrees from Chaffey College and California State University San Bernardino. I have been married to my wife Linda for over 40 years and we have two grown children who we are very proud of. I am also a veteran of the United States Air Force. I have been endorsed by Rancho Cucamonga community business owners well as state, county and city civic leaders.
I believe being a Director of CVWD is not just going to the two monthly board meetings, but being involved in our community on a daily basis. I have done this for many years. As an incumbent, if elected, I will continue to be actively involved in our community and listen to what our residents have to say. I have been the past Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Chaffey College Citizens Oversight Committee, Director and member of Rotary, United Way and Library Foundation, just to name a few.
As a Director of CVWD District Board of Directors, I have worked to further develop our groundwater production, utilize recycled water where possible and further develop our water conservation programs and outreach. We have worked to reduce our need for expensive imported water from Northern California and I will work for you to continue this in the future.
I will work to develop a larger recycle water distribution system for large landscapes and industrial customers. Recycled water is reliable, sustainable and renewable. Combined with conversation, recycled water can provide a more reliable water source to customers during times of drought or limited water usage situations.
I will continue to work with our local, state and federal elected officials to ensure we receive the proper funding for future water projects so as to reduce the financial impact to our customers. Rancho Cucamonga has one of the lowest water rates in the Inland Empire. CVWD has a history of minimizing operational costs, and I will continue to make this a priority.
My mission statement is very simple: To ensure customer satisfaction by consistently delivering high quality water and service in a cost efficient, environmentally responsible manner today and for the future.
I respectfully ask for another term as Director for CVWD. Please for me on Nov 4th.