Acquanetta Warren, Fontana City Council incumbent

As I look at the bottle of water on my desk with the “Healthy Fontana” logo on it and listing of all of the Walking Clubs established to promote health benefits of walking and exercising throughout the City of Fontana I’m proud to be a Councilmember for the City of Fontana. I want to be returned to continue my service to the citizens of Fontana. I have worked hard to “Bring Fontana Together” and I’m not done.
I have supported programming that creates healthy lifestyles but fiscal responsibility too. We have a healthy reserve despite the economic downturn of our nation. We continue to attract sales tax producers that will produce businesses and jobs. One of our biggest challenges has started to be realized with the planning and implementation of ways to eliminate traffic congestion. Not only for the City of Fontana but by participating with other cities in our region we are coming closer to construction of the various interchanges we need to move our traffic.
Public Safety is still the priority in our city with the addition of 65 officers, the establishment of the Fontana Fire Protection District for fire services with San Bernardino County and added citywide paramedic coverage. Our outreach to provide servicing doesn’t stop there. We have re-opened the Fontana Teen Center and established after school programming for our youth and children thru the Smart Kids Program with Fontana Unified School District and the Boys and Girls Club of Fontana. We funded and built community centers throughout our community including the new construction of the Jessie Turner Health and Fitness Center scheduled to be showcased at the opening of our new Fontana Park in late October.
Our Civic Center is now the showcase of the Inland Empire with our newly constructed Lewis Library an Technology Center, Center Stage and Downtown Pacific Electric Trail. I had the honor of mobilizing our community to name the Children’s Section of the library after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where we give each child a bookmark with the non-violence pledge to learn. This effort has made me realize the importance of my election to continue to work toward eliminating violence in our community. We still have our youth dropping out of school and we need to continue to build a better future for the families of Fontana and I will continue when elected to serve those needs.

Angel Santiago, Fontana City Council candidate

Never before in recent history has our country, our state and especially our community been faced with such adversity. It’s in the news, on the air and, of course, all over the internet – the rising cost of fuel and energy, the downturn of our housing market and related industries, our aging population, the rise of crime, and, most importantly, our failing economy. These are the real issues, not just nationally but locally, right here, where we live and work and raise our families. Election Year 2008 must provide concrete solutions, but without the right leaders, our fate and the fate of our community are uncertain.
As a two-term elected official, it has been my pleasure and honor to serve as a Director at the Inland Empire Utilities Agency since 2002. I’ve worked on projects bringing recycled water to our communities, finding renewable sources of energy, like solar and wind power, and supported and worked toward legislation that would insure continued safe and reliable water supplies to our region. I’ve had the pleasure to work and build strong partnerships with other elected officials throughout the Inland Empire, our state and country. I’ve learned how to utilize all of the available resources on every level to maximize results in forward growth and progress. Through my role at the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, I have gained the insight and knowledge necessary to play a greater role in my city, Fontana.
Please visit There you will find my mission statement, my vision and learn more about me and my family and our commitment to our great city. My pledge and my promise remain clear, to be the VOICE OF REASON on all issues facing our City as we move into the future. As a 20 year resident of the City, I have seen the great transformation of our City; however, I do not believe that our growth has been equally dispersed nor have all sectors of our community been equally represented. I know I am the candidate best suited to bridge this gap and bring our community together so that we can prosper in the future, not just economically but socially.
If you believe in change and its importance at this critical juncture in American history, then please, show your support for me when you cast your ballot.
Together, let’s make Election Year 2008 a turning point by recognizing our need for change.

Janice Rutherford, Fontana City Council incumbent

My goal in seeking re-election to the Fontana City Council is to continue to improve the quality of life for families throughout Fontana.
We have been fortunate recently to add much to our community: Fontana Park with its wellness center and aquatics facility; the Lewis Library & Technology Center; the Center Stage theater downtown; a new Neighborhood Center; lighted sports fields; and much more.
Yet, there is much more to do, and we need experienced, honest, financially responsible leaders to do it. That is why I am asking for your support for re-election.
We still need better parks. We need safer neighborhoods and schools. We need more programs for seniors, families and youth. We need road improvements to ease traffic congestion. And we need to do all of this in challenging economic times while ensuring sound fiscal management.
We’ve improved police response times, added 65 new police officers, built new fire stations, created city-wide paramedic services and returned $4 million a year to the community with our new city fire district.
But keeping Fontana families safe means working to solve the problems of the future. We need to expand efforts to fight gangs by building stronger partnerships between law enforcement, schools, parks & recreation, and youth organizations to help provide alternatives to gangs and drugs. We need to involve more residents in our community meetings and neighborhood block clubs.
To meet the challenges facing Fontana families, I pledge to maintain sound fiscal management of the city. That means balancing the budget without adding taxes on our families, eliminating the utility users tax on businesses on scheduled, and fighting the Legislature’s efforts to steal local taxes.
We need to make it easier for families to get to and from school, work or shopping — that’s why must build more key transportation projects, including freeway interchanges/overpasses, and push for better traffic management along busy streets and avenues.
I ask for your vote so that I can continue the progress Fontana has made in recent years. For more information or to share your thoughts with me, please go to Thank you for your consideration.