Primo Castro, Pomona City Council District 4 candidate

I want to improve the quality of life for those that work, play, and live within the great City of Pomona.

Our children are our future! Providing our children with extracurricular activities to participate in after school, on the weekend, and throughout the year is crucial for their development.

Increasing youth programs will keep our children active, healthy and engaged. In addition, providing programs for youth will discourage them from joining gangs, contributing to vandalism, and other activities that destroy our communities. By providing additional athletic spaces we can give our youth a place they will enjoy.

Public safety, a top priority as it is vital to ensure the safety of all our residents, our children, and our seniors. We must work in collaboration with our public safety officials to discuss the different needs each neighborhood requires.

Importantly, we must actively promote and work with our neighborhood watch organizations to preserve our neighborhoods and keep them safe.

Also, investing in Pomona’s local businesses is the key to our financial future! The city needs an economic plan that will benefit the community, and increase our tax base (revenue) to provide the resources Pomona needs to prosper.

By working in partnership with the business community we can develop a much needed shopping environment to fit the needs of the residents. Pomona needs leadership that will foster business development, create new jobs, and increase job retention.

Protecting our environment is an important aspect in providing our families and children with a healthy environment. With over 160,000 residents, we need to provide additional recreational park space for our children to play and grow.

Enforcement of all codes in the city is essential, as this shows that the community is concerned about the appearance of its neighborhoods. Maintaining prosperous neighborhoods is a priority for me and that is why we need to work together to address all issues. Continuing in the tradition of graffiti abatement, we must work closely to ensure that vandalism does not take hold of our city by working at the root of the problem.

Many of our roads, streets and other public spaces must be cared for and maintained. Our roads need to be re-paved; medians need careful attention to assist our efforts to beautify this city.

I ask for your support and VOTE on November 4th.

Paula Lantz, Pomona City Council District 4 incumbent

I want to thank the Daily Bulletin for the opportunity to tell you a little about myself, and why I should be re-elected to represent District 4 in Pomona. I am a life-long resident, graduating from Pomona High School, Pomona College, and Claremont Graduate School. My husband and I raised our children here, and are committed to our community. We watched as they demolished our stately Carnegie Library and historic City Hall. We saw the beautiful pillared Post Office downtown replaced by the inadequate box of a building at White and Monterey. My husband coached our children’s soccer teams for 9 years, and I was a real soccer mom before I learned that Soccer Moms change election outcomes.
When our Councilmember moved, I put my hat in the ring to bring Common Sense back to City Hall. I was elected as part of a team that did just that. Within two years the bickering stopped, and teamwork prevailed.
There have been some dramatic improvements. Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Ranch<WC> <WC1>Plaza Shopping center are now a reality. Metrolink has two stations here, and 20 years of a vacant lot at Mission and Garey has been replaced with Starbucks, Quiznos, UPS, and a great Sushi restaurant, as well as about 20 loft-style homes.
But my greatest emphasis has been on Building Community, and bringing more dollars in to help with that. After several Community Meetings and surveys, we have applied for a Grant that will bring <WC>a half-<WC1>million dollars into District 4 for more Policing and more Programs. We have 10 more Police Officers, a Community Center, new Ball Fields, and Speed Humps, all as the result of Neighborhood meetings, Council Teamwork, and my persistence. Every street in District 4 now has streetlights, and we’re adding more. That’s literally hundreds of lights and millions of dollars… Common Sense, and Dollars and Cents put right where they’re needed, back in your neighborhood.
Ultimately, Building community is really about you, your neighborhood, and how we all can work together. It’s about Unity in the Community, not division.
We need to be the change we want to see.
Years ago I promised to focus on Issues, not Individuals. I’ve kept that promise!
I also promised to make decisions based on what’s best for Pomona, not special Interests. I’ve kept that promise! Experienced and Independent, I am Leadership you can Trust.
Paula Lantz District 4 City of Pomona