George Hunter, Pomona mayor candidate

As the Councilman representing District #1 since 1999, I have worked with the Mayor and other councilmembers to make Pomona a better place for families to live, work, play, and shop. We have made improvements, but there is much left to be done.
After being urged by numerous friends and fellow elected officials, I decided to give up my council seat to run for Mayor in this election. My experience on numerous regional boards will serve the residents of Pomona well if I am elected Mayor.
Most problems we face are regional in nature. Pomona cannot solve them alone. I am currently Chairman of the Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority, Vice Chairman of the Gold Line Construction Authority, Treasurer of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, and Chairman of the SGVCOG Emergency Services and Trauma Care Ad Hoc Committee. These positions have been important in bringing additional financial resources to Pomona and our neighboring cities that would not have been available to us had I not personally been there to fight for our fair share.
I can cite paramedic/firefighting helicopter assigned to our area for trauma care, the “quiet zone” for railroad traffic, and new street underpasses to avoid long delays at railroad intersections.
In addition to my regional positions, I have substantial local experience to bring to the office of Mayor. I have served or am serving as Chairman and a co-founder of the Pomona Anti-Crime Taskforce, a member of the Fairplex Blue Ribbon Committee, the Vehicle Parking District Ad-Hoc Committee, the Pomona/PUSD Liaison Committee, and the Pomona Planning Commission, among others. I am currently the Emergency Operations Coordinator for the Pomona Unified School District.
One accomplishment of which I am proud is the reinstatement of the annual Pomona Holiday Lane celebration which is the largest civic event in Pomona.
I have a number of specific goals in mind to accomplish in the next 4 years. One major goal will be to pass an Ethics Ordinance for the City Council — an effort that was killed last year but which I intend to bring back as Mayor.
I have been endorsed by the Pomona City Employees (San Bernardino County Employees Association) and Pomona Police Officers Association. These are the people in the trenches doing the day to day work of our City. To continue my efforts, I need your Vote November 4.

Elliott Rothman, Pomona mayor candidate

It has been my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Pomona for the past 12 years.  I now seek your vote for mayor.  The changes in our city have been dramatic.  I wish to continue the progress already made.  Raising your quality of life is my goal. I humbly thank all who have partnered with me to make a difference.  Please consider the following accomplishments as you cast your vote. 
Since I was first elected I introduced much of the work in progress to revitalize Pomona. I led annual community clean-ups, providing dumpsters for our residents’ use.
I voted to install new public restrooms, snack bars and play equipment at our parks. I led the effort to landscape medians throughout the city. I fought for resurfacing of streets throughout the entire city.
More needs to be done to many of our streets; the cracked and worn-out roads must be resurfaced.  I helped fund new lighting and facade improvements thought our neighborhoods.  The Veterans Park soccer complex is open for all to enjoy. 
This is my five-point plan for Pomona  
1. PUBLIC SAFETY: Keeping Pomona’s families safe is my top priority.  I have always voted to increase our police force.  Crime is unacceptable.
2. OUR YOUTH: We should provide more mentoring opportunities.  I am committed to the city’s Youth and Family Master Plan. We must ensure our children stay out of gangs and away from drugs. 
3. HELPING SENIOR CITIZENS: I am an advocate of the Pomona Senior Centers, which provide abundant activities and assistance programs for our city’s Senior Citizens.  I will fight to ensure these services DO NOT get cut.
4. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: I implemented a citywide gray-water policy to reduce our use of fresh water.  I sponsored the construction of Veterans’ Park, Pomona’s first completely environmentally conscious park.  I will implement green planning codes, and I will fight to protect our open spaces for everyone’s enjoyment.
5. ECONOMIC GROWTH & PROSPERITY: I helped reduce the city’s operating budget and fought to keep utilities and services as inexpensive as possible.  I opposed levying new taxes and I removed extraneous expenses.  As mayor I will focus on job growth by continuing to attract businesses to Pomona. 
I have demonstrated the ability to solve problems and bring results.
Please vote Elliott Rothman for Mayor of Pomona.

Tomas Ursua, Pomona mayor candidate

With the right leadership, Pomona would be a much better place to live.
Instead, Pomona is an economic failure, due to irresponsible spending by our city politicians, who serve the needs of special interests groups, rather than the common needs of all residents.
Imagine, instead of wasting $11.9 million on a failed real estate deal across the street from City Hall, this money could have gone to create a safer, cleaner community, lower the 9% utility tax, create more opportunities for our youth, and, more jobs for Pomona residents!
In order to revive Pomona, you first need to have leadership that will stop the wasteful spending of our tax dollars. As a former councilman (’89-’93), I led the only effort to successfully reduce the utility tax, and I consistently fought against the wasteful practices of subsidizing big real-estate developers. I was an agent for change.
In contrast, the two councilmen running for mayor, George Hunter and Elliot Rothman, are front-men for the special interests groups–a combination of contending developers, government unions and businesses– that divide our City, while depleting its finances. The big-money behind Hunter and Rothman are trying to buy the current election with lots of slick brochures attempting to fool Pomona voters into believing that their candidate will do the right thing. But neither has, during their nearly decade each in office: that is why our City now faces a financial disaster. Electing either Hunter or Rothman insures that Pomona will continue its downward decline toward stagnation, unable to address the serious issues confronting our City.
With 25 years of diverse community service, I have the experience and commitment to help make the difficult changes required for Pomona’s turnaround. I advocate decisive government reform: stop the waste and giveaway of taxpayer money; restructure government services to focus on key community priorities; lower the excessive costs and bureaucracy for city residents and businesses.
I am also committed to helping build local neighborhood councils that will prepare citizens to better govern and improve our city – these councils will help end the rule of special interests groups in Pomona.
Government reform will lead to community rebirth.
I am the only qualified candidate that is willing to stand up for all of Pomona against the powerful special interest groups that have dominated our City. I appeal to the citizenry to help “Take Back Our City.”
Contact: or (909) 620-9535.