Linda Angona, Upland Unified School District board incumbent

I am seeking re-election to the Upland Unified School District Board of Trustees because I believe I can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of Upland students. The governance team, administrators, teachers and support staff at the district have a successful working relationship because we all work toward a single goal – student success. UUSD is able to attract the very best administrators and teachers because of this unity of purpose. I am committed to maintaining this goal and helping to move the district forward.
As a member of the Upland Unified School District Board of Trustees since 2001, I have worked as part of the governance team to ensure that Upland students are afforded the best public education possible. Student performance continues to rise year after year for all students while we narrow the achievement gap for underperforming students.
I volunteered alongside fellow community members to pass the original Measure K in 2000, a $36 million bond measure to improve the infrastructure of Upland’s aging schools. The bond funds also provided for multi-purpose rooms, and the Upland High School library expansion, among other things. Thanks in large part to the success of the original Measure K, Upland voters passed a second Measure K in 2008 for $103 million that will allow for safety and energy improvements and the addition of 21st century classrooms to all Upland schools. As part of the oversight team that led to the successful completion of the original Measure K, I look forward to working in that same capacity with Measure K 2008.
As a founding member of the Upland Community Partnership for Youth Development in 1995, I volunteer with other community members to create and sustain neighborhood-based afterschool programs serving K-6 students in Upland. Additionally, as a 15 year member of the Kiwanis Club of Upland I work on community projects and help raise funds to better the lives of children.
I understand and value the power of community collaboration, which is a key factor in everything from creating ways to keep kids safe, both during and after school, to passing a bond measure to ensure that Upland schools are the safest, most technologically advanced learning environments in the region.
Your support ensures that we will continue to work together to produce outstanding graduates and citizens from Upland Unified School District.

Robert H. Bennett, Upland Unified School District board candidate

I am committed to having a transparent, ethical and responsive School Board where all ideas are welcome and where the Governing Board Members actively listen to the concerns of the entire Upland Unified School District community, be they parents, teachers, students or other citizens. I will work to foster an environment in which our students, faculty, staff and families will flourish.
The Governing Board members must lead by example and not just by words during lean or prosperous times. As a Governing Board Member, I will utilize sound fiscal judgment when considering School Bonds and not forward an unneeded Bond (Measure S) of $20,000,000, which was soundly defeated.
I have been a student, teacher, parent and PTA room parent within the Upland Unified School District. I have worked and volunteered in the public/private field of education and social work for over 31 years. I will bring a positive commitment to improving the quality of education for all students in our district.
Three out of five of our current governing board members is a retired or present probation officer. A broader perspective is necessary in order to formulate, evaluate and administer the policies and procedures of the U.U.S.D..
Further, our children need to be involved in special programs such as academic decathlon teams, music, band, GATE, athletics or they frequently struggle to remain involved in education.
Another problem that I see is having board meetings scheduled twice per month and only having town hall meetings when facing either a crisis or major funding issues such as bond measures. I would propose having regularly scheduled town hall meetings at least twice during the school year.
In the 21st century, our school facilities need upgraded infrastructure. Our schools are severely lacking in computer technologies, programs and immediate technical assistance. I will be a good steward of your money from Measure K and insure that it is used to upgrade our schools infrastructure.
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a County Manager, I have been educated and trained to maintain and acquire a broad working perspective. I will bring this awareness that the Board is in partnership with the greater community to provide a quality education for all of our children. Input from parents and teachers are paramount to this task, especially when the Board and school management experience community and family challenges.
My websites and e-mail are as follows:

Steven Frazee, Upland Unified School District board incumbent

It is an honor to serve as a Governing Board Member for the Upland Unified School District. I was first elected to the School Board in 2003 and I am seeking re-election. Upland’s public schools hold an excellent reputation as evidenced by the growing number of “Distinguished Schools.” They are the corner stone of our community. Because of the school system, my wife, Susan, and I chose Upland as the place to raise and educate out daughter, Sara, who is now a Junior at San Diego State University.
After serving my country in the United States Army, I graduated from Cal Poly, Pomona. As a Probation Officer for the past 33 years, school safety holds a high priority. Upland schools provide a safe environment for our children.
I believe we have an obligation to provide a quality education to all of our students. I understand the special individual needs of each student. My daughter was a GATE student, my wife is a Special Education Teacher and as a Probation Officer I have worked with many of our at-risk students.
All students need to be given the opportunity to maximize their potential, be it college bound or developing their vocational or technical skills.
My community involvement has included: Elder and Deacon of the First Presbyterian Church, Upland; Upland Highland Regiment Booster Board; Girl Scout leader; AYSO referee.
Public Education in California is facing a financial crisis. As a Board Member, I will continue to maintain fiscal responsibility as I work to ensure that the crisis has no effect on the quality of education in Upland.
As a Board Member I supported many facility improvements including, 21st Century Classrooms and enhancement of technology. I am proud of the new multi-purpose rooms and classrooms on our elementary school campuses and of the library expansion, the new aquatic center, additional parking and beautification of the quad and front entrance at Upland High School.
I ask for your continued support.