Why Tiger’s No. 1

Tiger Woods offered a rare look into his psyche after his victory.
Saturday, when asked whether his passion to win had been instilled by his late father, Woods admitted to having “the mentality of a football player playing golf.”
Sunday, he expanded on that.
“I don’t think you really lay up on par-5s on the football field, do you?” he said. “You’d get run over. Obviously, you’ve got to bring everything you’re got or else you get hurt.
“In our sport … some of the guys don’t bring it every day, and I just don’t understand that. It’s not that hard to concentrate for five hours.”
Woods’ concentration often is cited as one of the main reasons he’s the world’s top-ranked player.
“I can’t play any other way,” he said, “because I can’t go home at night and look myself in the mirror if I didn’t try as hard as I could have.”

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