Tiger’s new commercial

Buick will debut two new commercials with Tiger. In the commercial, Tiger is hitting on the driving range and a guy tries to steal his golf balls and golf ball. In the first few takes, Tiger simply throws a golf ball at the guy, which hits him in the back. Then Tiger told the director he wanted to chase the guy down. He did one better.
“I had an idea because we did the first one throwing the golf ball, and I just think that wasn’t me. If someone took my bag, I would do something a little bit more than just throw a golf ball at him, OK? You guys know my personality. I would have obviously handled it a little differntly.
“… I told the actor there, `You know what? I think I’m going to come up from behind you and I’m going to get you.’ He said, `All right. I’ll be ready for it. No worries.’ Well, as I got closer to him, I got into it a little bit, probably too much, and I got a little excited and yeah, he had a little scratch on his forehead.”
Tiger tackles the guy in the commerical. It was the funniest thing. Had Tiger chosen to be a defensive back, looks like he would’ve been good at open-field tackles.

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