Wie problems

Michelle Wie thought she had problems? Even Annika Sorenstam has jumped on the Wie-hater bandwagon. And Annika likes everybody. She rarely says anything controversial, but even the world’s former No. 1 player couldn’t resist taking a shot at Wie. She had good reason. Annika hosted her first LPGA Tour event last week – the Ginn Tribute – and took exception to Wie’s withdrawal after the 16th hole.

Wie was in danger of not breaking 88 and there’s a rule that if a non-member (and Wie is not a member of the LPGA Tour) doesn’t break 88, she is banned from competing on the tour for the rest of the year.
“I just feel that there’s a little bit of lack of respect and class just to kind of leave a tournament like that and then come out and practice (this week at the LPGA Championship),” said Sorenstam. “It’s a little funny that you pull out with an injury and then you start grinding. My doctor told me to rest.”
Wie, given the chance, made no apologies.
I don’t think I need to apologize for anything,” Wie said. “I played bad, but that’s what golf is. My wrist just wasn’t feeling good the whole day. It was a good judgment call.”
Wie has been engulfed in more controversy this week. She allegedly wasn’t talking to her four playing partners in the pro-am, which didn’t go unnoticed. And, her parents were kicked off the driving range. Only caddies and coaches are allowed to be on the range with a player. Her parents, who are always by her side, have never been confronted. But with dislike for Wie at an all-time high on the LPGA Tour, officials seemingly won’t let her get away with special privileges anymore.

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