Statement from LPGA commish Bivens

This is the statement from LPGA commissioner Caroyln Bivens on her decision to back off the policy to require non-English speaking golfers to learn English in two years or face suspension from the tour.
Statement credited to LPGA Commissioner Carolyn F. Bivens regarding the LPGA’s policy on effective communication in English

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., Sept. 5, 2008 — The LPGA has received valuable feedback from a variety of constituents regarding the recently announced penalties attached to our effective communications policy. We have decided to rescind those penalty provisions.

After hearing the concerns, we believe there are other ways to achieve our shared objective of supporting and enhancing the business opportunities for every Tour player. In that spirit, we will continue communicating with our diverse Tour players to develop a better alternative. The LPGA will announce a revised approach, absent playing penalties, by the end of 2008.

During that time we will continue to provide support under the three-year-old Kolon-LPGA Cross Cultural Program. This popular program provides all LPGA members with the best cross-cultural training in the form of tutors, translators, Rosetta Stone, the official language-learning system of the LPGA, as well as assistance from LPGA staff and consultants.

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State Farm could pull sponsorship over new LPGA rule

The Sports Business Daily reports that State Farm is encouraging the LPGA to reconsider its new rule (starting next year all Tour players must learn English or face suspension from the Tour) or it “may reconsider its sponsorship.”
What’s ironic is that the LPGA says it’s making this rule so that it can help save sponsorship dollars by sending players who can speak English out with corporate sponsors on pro-am outings.
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