K.J. Choi … or Yoda?

South Korean star K.J. Choi speaks little English, as evidenced by this transcript from his interview following Thursday’s opening round:

Question: Just tell me about the round. How is it out there?
Answer: Yeah, yesterday just pro-am, 14 holes, and not seeing yesterday the five hole on the front side. My focus today little the catch and the weather and roll much better, and the nice weather, nice swing, little in the putt make it and hit it second shot and it spin too much and then the control with a very hard time. But very nice today.

Q: What’s it like playing in Tiger’s event?
A: I’m very impressed with Tiger’s event. Every year if I make it and play, but my schedule with the baby sometimes Korea, but this time I appreciate to play. Last year I’m playing entry and pull out because the little hurt in my low back. I promised this year I’d play. Very quality and first class, the tournament, and no weather yesterday, but looks good in four days.

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