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Here is Tiger Woods’ monthly newsletter. There’s a lot to catch up on, including his thoughts on playing at Bethpage Black again, his tournament at Congressional, Lakers or Magic and much more:


June 2, 2009

By Tiger Woods

I’m looking forward to competing again at the Memorial Tournament. I’ve been working hard on my game since The Players Championship, although we’ve had a lot of rain recently in the Orlando area. It rained six inches one day at Isleworth Country Club.

In six starts this year, I’ve won once and had five Top 10 finishes, which isn’t too bad considering how long I was away from the game after my knee surgery. It’s just frustrating when you’re in position to win and don’t get it done. I just need more repetitions.

I recently hosted Tiger Jam XII presented by AT&T in Las Vegas. No Doubt kicked off their first tour in five years – it was an incredible concert, and we were able to raise more than $1 million for my Foundation. I’m very grateful to the donors, sponsors and fans who helped us. Special thanks to Ben Roethlisberger for lending his support as well. I made a purchase during the silent auction: a one-of-a-kind guitar autographed by Bruce Springsteen. I’m a huge fan and saw him play in Australia. I also got to spend some time with three students from our programs – Alma, David and Ramses. They were phenomenal and their stories really helped the crowd get into the spirit of the night.

On a more somber note, Elin and I were saddened to hear that Amy Mickelson has breast cancer. She’s such a great person and it’s a shame she and her family have to deal with this. Hopefully, the prognosis is good and she can make a fast and full recovery. I called Phil to offer our support. This is a tough time for the Mickelson family and we’re all thinking about them.

I was also sorry to hear about the death of former ABC fairway reporter Bob Rosburg. Like me, he attended Stanford University and won a PGA Championship. I just remember him always saying you had no shot. Rossie was very good at his job and in tune with all the players.

On a happier note, it was awesome to hear that Jose Maria Olazabal has been elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. I always enjoy playing with Ollie, because I learn so much from how he chips and manages his game. He has a phenomenal understanding of how clubs work around the greens with different lies.

In July, I’ll be hosting the AT&T National at Congressional Country Club. We have a great field, headed by defending champ Anthony Kim. Jim Furyk, Ernie Els, Danny Lee, Sean O’Hair and Nick Watney have also committed, making this year’s field pretty strong. The course is in fantastic shape as well, so I’m really looking forward to playing against those guys and hopefully posting a W.

I recently had a chance to meet with President Obama in the White House. I would love to be able to play golf with him and just talk. Maybe one day we can do that. He’s got a lot on his plate, but is a very down-to-earth person, especially for someone who is the leader of the free world.

I got a tour of the White House. What I especially enjoyed was learning about its history and details about all the different rooms. It was pretty neat stepping back in time. I also enjoyed talking with the Secret Service agents.

The U.S. Open will be here soon. I’m definitely going to try to go to Bethpage to play and take a look at the course. They’ve made a few changes since I won there in 2002 and I want to check them out.

I’m really torn about the NBA finals. I grew up a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan, but have season tickets to Orlando Magic games. Hopefully, it will be a great series.

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon.



By Tiger Woods, Golf Digest Playing Editor, Edited By Pete McDaniel and Mark Soltau

What’s changed in my swing

More stability means a good move into the ball

My reconstructed left knee enables me to finally make the swing that my instructor, Hank Haney, and I have been working on for years. That’s because my legwork is so much better with a knee that doesn’t shift all over the place and is pain-free for the first time in 10 years. I’m excited that I can hit shots I couldn’t hit before without making compensations in my swing.

This driver sequence, taken the week of my win at Bay Hill, shows my normal setup and backswing as I load up on my right side to the top. On the downswing, my arms are coming down in front of my body; my shoulders are turning forward, and my arms aren’t swinging past my turn at all. You can also see that I’m making a lateral move toward the target while transferring my weight to my left leg. This is something I really couldn’t do before. I’m able to make this lateral move by shifting my hips forward instead of backing them up through the hit–a habit I’d developed to protect my knee from further injury and, quite frankly, because it hurt like heck sometimes when I didn’t. When I would back up, my tendency was to hit the ball to the right. Sometimes I could save the shot with my hands, but it was pretty difficult to do, especially with consistency.

Another difference is, now I can really post up: My left leg stays flexed into impact and straightens in the follow-through. Before, it would straighten well before then. This better leg action allows a natural release and extension down the line.

Click here to see the swing sequence photos of Tiger’s Swing

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