Tiger in major controversy at Masters and could get DQ’d

Augusta officials are meeting right now to determine whether or not Tiger Woods made an illegal drop on the 15th hole yesterday. Remember, Woods’ shot hit the flagstick, then into the water in a diagonal line. Woods had three options under Rule 26-1, and he chose the third option … which is to return to the original spot and drop “as nearly as possible” from the spot where he played his previous spot.

Trouble is, he played two yards off the previous spot, in his words.
In a television interview after his round, Woods said: “I went down to the drop area, that wasn’t going to be a good spot, because obviously it’s into the grain, it’s really grainy there. And it was a little bit wet. So it was muddy and not a good spot to drop.

“So I went back to where I played it from, but I went 2 yards further back and I took, tried to take 2 yards off the shot of what I felt I hit. And that should land me short of the flag and not have it either hit the flag or skip over the back. I felt that that was going to be the right decision to take off four right there. And I did. It worked out perfectly.”

Clearly, this can be interpreted subjectively, and officials might be huddled over this one for a while.
Yesterday, it was the controversy over teenager Guan, who was assessed a slow play penalty. And we thought that was big.

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