Andy Murray’s response

I got a call this afternoon from Andy Murray, who was none too pleased with the way he was portrayed in today’s article. He took particular issue with the idea, as written, that he was “often controlling, overbearing and stubborn” and argued the characterization of particular events that took place under his tenure.

We had a productive and lengthy discussion (it clocked in at 64 minutes) and ultimately we agreed to disagree on several issues. The point of the article was to examine the idea that Murray “lost the room” as a coach in Los Angeles, and as part of that, several criticisms of Andy were raised. He took them, and the story in general, as a personal assault, and I attempted to assure him that he shouldn’t. As a side, my editor on the story, who happened to cover the Kings during the first six of Andy’s seven seasons, thought the story to be a balanced look at a complicated situation.

Any reaction from the Kings fans?

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