Friday practice notes

— The Kings have signed goalie Jon Quick to an entry-level contract. This is a guy the Kings will be watching closely. Jonathan Bernier is still considered the top goalie prospect in the system but Quick took a big step forward this season at UMass. I remember Lombardi bringing up his name during an unrelated conversation a while back, but I didn’t think too much of it at the time. It would be a real stretch to say Quick is NHL-ready at this point, but with proper development he could be around sooner rather than later.

— I haven’t heard officially, but I’ve been told that Noah Clarke is headed back to Manchester. That’s not a surprise, and it’s better for him to get minutes down there now that Armstrong is back.

— Speaking of backs, I asked Anze Kopitar about his today and he said he’s pain free.

— Rob Blake’s neck injury continues to be an issue, according to Marc Crawford. Blake might not play Sunday at San Jose but they’re pointing toward Tuesday for a return.

— Crawford confirmed what most have assumed for the last week or so, that Lubomir Visnovsky is done for the season with a broken bone in his foot.

— I asked Crawford about Jack Johnson and who, if the entire defensive corps was healthy, he would prefer to have Johnson playing with. Crawford initially said Blake, then added Aaron Miller’s name in there. Those would have been my two choices as well, for the same reason that Crawford offered. As a young guy, Johnson is going to have a tendency to want to do too much, and he needs a calm veteran back there with him to settle him down and to stabilize the team in general. “He’s not a shy young man out there,” Crawford said of Johnson.

I spent a lot of time talking to Dustin Brown, and to Crawford about Brown, so I’ll have some of that later.

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  • kingW/Oacrown

    hey Rich, I just started reading your blogs on here and just want to say thanks and keep up the good work. Hope Visnovsky’s injury doesn’t lead to foot or skate problems in the future!

  • John

    While I am big on stats, the site you commented on makes me skeptical. Why not publish the method for deriving the values? At least one could make a accurate judgement as to the sensibility of the ratings.

  • fulton

    Ugh, there’s Aaron Miller’s name again. I am hoping it is safe to assume that Crawford is talking about the immediate future and not next season…..Please?

  • Ernest

    Glad to see the Kings have finally signed one of Dave Taylor’s many goalie picks. We really need some fresh blood in there to keep us going until Bernier is ready. Labarbara will probably be in LA next year so the Quick signing is perfect timing.

    Lombardi is big on slow development of players so he will probably float around Manchester for a year. I dont see him shelling out the dough for JS Giggy and Biron is off the blocks. Guess we’re stuck with Clouts for a while.

  • Jon

    Rich, have you heard anything concrete about why Piskula was scratched last night and if he’ll play on Sunday? Thanks.

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