High expectations

The last paragraph of the Associated Press story on today’s game read, “Highly touted rookie Jack Johnson of the Kings, who made his NHL debut Thursday in Los Angeles, still hasn’t scored a point.” I’m not going to slam the writer, because sometimes things can read different than intended, but I had to laugh at the “still.”

It’s a bit ironic that Sean Burke got pulled from the game even though he probably deserved a better fate…as opposed to some recent games, when he sometimes looked overmatched.

I’ll have some stuff tomorrow that I gathered during the last few days, including a chat with Derek Armstrong. And since baseball season has arrived, go check out the Daily News blog by our Dodger writer, Tony Jackson, who will give you some great insight. Tony gave me a nice plug so I’m returning the favor.

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  • Ernest Barton

    My dad is a crotchy old negative Kings fan. Cant blame they guy, he has put up with alot since the mid 70’s but he hasnt watched this season very much but based on my proding, he has watched the last few gamkes with Johnson. He has already quit watching saying, I thought this guy was the second coming? He hasnt done anything. My point, dad is like alot of people these days. Like O’Sullivan earlier in the season. Everyone ready to trade him! Two years… give the guy 2 years please people!