Check your mail

Sometime in the coming weeks, the Kings will be sending out a packet/brochure to all season-ticket holders. In it, the team will give some updates on its prospects and also give a “management blueprint,” some little insight into management’s thought process as the Kings try to take some of the talented youth in the organization and build a long-term winner. It’s a good move by the Kings, particularly given the amount of interest out there regarding the prospects.

Along those lines, I’ll be talking to assistant GM Ron Hextall sometime this week. For those of you who have questions about particular prospects and/or circumstances involving them, send them in and I’ll try to get answers.

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  • deacon blue

    First let me say, as a “hockey-blog junkie” this is one of the best sites over-all that I’ve seen. That it deals with my team, the Kings (30 years), makes me proud, and I’m spreading the word. As you interview Ron Hextall, could you address the problem of size and depth in the current lineup? I watch the Kings get manhandled by the Sharks, Canucks and Ducks, and it is frightening (for the players) and frustrating (for me). Plus the Kings can put out only two really competent lines whereas these other teams have at least three, often four. To my mind, these are not problems that will be solved in one off-season. Any comments?

  • GMatsuda

    I’d be interested to hear his thoughts about goaltending throughout the system. My guess is that Brust and/or Fukufuji will not be offered new contracts

  • Marc Nathan

    We’re probably not going to get an answer from him this week, but can we expect the Kings organization to say “sayonara” to Brust, Fukufuji, Daniel Taylor and the like?

  • L B

    Please ask what their plans are for the goalie prospects (Bernier, Zatkoff, Quick)and whether they expect to give any of them a chance to make the big club next season. If not, what is their plan as far as goaltending next season?

  • Ernest

    Unfortunately, cant afford the season tickets. Hopefully either Rich or one of the other season ticket holders will clue us in on the blueprint.

    I agree with wanting to find out the status of the goaltending situation. We will most likely lose Garon and Burke. That will leave us with Labs and Cloutier. Bernier, I am sure, is at least a year away from Manchester. Brust and Fuku are both RFA’s. So we really only have Quick ready for next year.

    I am also a big fan of Brian Boyle, Matt moulson and Trevor Lewis. Is there a chance we will see Boyle in LA on Saturday if BC loses Thursday night. Why hasnt Matt been called up to LA? guys like Wilsie and Thornton should ride the pine the last few games and give them a shot to show what they can do. Why isnt Lewis in Manchester now?

    Thanks Rich!

  • Marc Nathan

    Ernest just asked “Why isn’t (Trevor) Lewis in Manchester now?

    Well, yes, Owen Sound got thumped in four straight by London, and Bobby Ryan immediately signed an ATO (second year in a row) with Portland. Trevor Lewis had a DREADFUL series, and was a team leading -9 in the four games. Had to be a HUGE disappointment for the kid. I would hope he just needed to take a few days to clear his head before trying to play hockey at a level far superior to juniors.

  • Scott

    Lewis IS in Manchester now.