• Marc Nathan

    Welll… the whole “Stacia getting radio play” thing is a bit of a stretch (that’s *my* industry, so I can play the role of expert there šŸ™‚ ) and he incorrectly called Omaha’s AHL team a Chicago affiliate (it’s Calgary) but other than that, what is not to love about Luc. Just one of the game’s greatest players, and personalities!

  • Derek

    The part about Kiprusoff wanting Luc to score against him on the shootout is hilarious. I think I have that game recorded. I’ll have to go back and watch that part.

  • I’m so delighted to find out there is still a little terrific content online. I’ve gotten so sick of google sending me junk.

  • Any tips on subscribing to your RSS feed with the Google Chrome browser?.. i keep getting errors on it, anyway thanks for this article i read something similar on egomash.com… great stuff