S.I. on Boyle

Here’s a scouting report done by SI.com on Kings prospect Brian Boyle, who will play in the Frozen Four semifinals today ( 5 p.m., Pacific, ESPN2) vs. North Dakota. If I’m a betting man, I think you end up seeing Boyle on defense with the Kings, but that’s no sure bet yet.

F, Boston College (Kings, 2003 draft)
With three first-round picks in 2003, Los Angeles took a flyer on the massive but extremely raw Boyle with the third one. The Kings hoped that with solid coaching and a bit of time, he’d develop into a solid, two-way center. Now, thanks to some injuries on the BC blueline, they have another option.

A Bunyanesque 6-7, 250, Boyle was leading Hockey East in scoring when coach Jerry York asked him to shore up the defense. He adapted quickly to his new position, using his size and massive wingspan to impose his will in his own zone, and his soft hands and hockey sense to power BC’s transition game.

He’s likely to man the blueline for BC this weekend, but the Kings haven’t decided how they see him yet. Given how he can use his size and his strength to control play at either end of the ice, he’s clearly graduated from project to prospect.

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  • Phil S.

    Hey Rich, When do the Kings lose Boyle’s rights? Isn’t he in the same boat Parse is in? The Kings stand to lose Parse exclusively in August I believe. Is the same true for Boyle?

  • Ernest

    I am a huge Boyle fan! Alot of people have fallen sour on him. I cant wait until he gets going in the pro’s. Give him a yearin Manchester on defense and play him in front of the goalie on the power play. Ya, thats good!

  • Anonymous


  • Michael Teniente



  • Rich Hammond

    Phil…I don’t anticipate the Kings having the same problems with Boyle that they’ve had with Parse. Of course, you never know how these things will play out…

  • Ernest

    With BC making it to the finals, theree will be no chance of seeing Boyle this Saturday. DARN!!! Hopefully we get to see him during the Monarchs playoffs. Alot of guys have soured on him but I look forward to seeing what he can do.

  • GMatsuda

    Actually, you can see Boyle this Saturday…just in a Kings or Monarchs jersey. The BC/Michigan St. game will be aired on ESPN at 4:00 PM PDT. Set your DVR or VCR!