The Battle For No. 29

It’s all come down to this, the thrilling conclusion of the NHL season. Two games between the No. 28 Kings and No. 29 Phoenix Coyotes. Of course, it does mean something for draft position. Philadelphia has long since clinched the worst record in the league, but if the Kings lose both games in regulation to the Coyotes, they would fall behind and end up with the second-worst record. Then again, that doesn’t assure anything, since there’s a lottery system involved.

Those looking for a truly intense game tonight should check out the Rangers-Canadiens tilt. New York is two points ahead of Montreal, in seventh place, but neither team is assured of a playoff spot yet.

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  • Ernest

    With Edmonton and Chicago having a much more difficult schedule these last few games and the Kings playing a dumpy Coytoe team, I think we’re gonna end up #$ or #5. Either way, being this low, we still have a chance for the #1 pick but can also fall all the way to #8 or #9. I am hoping for a top 5 pick… top 3 would be best!

    Kane or Alzner for me please!

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