Today’s question, part II

If I figure out a way to record interviews and put the audio on the blog, will you actually click on it and listen to it, or would you rather just read a transcript of a Q&A session? I raise the question since there will be a few interviews in the next couple days, with Hextall, Crawford and a few players. Thanks for the input.

Along those lines, if there’s any questions you want directed at any particular player as the season ends, send them on in. I’ve got a ton already for Hextall. I can’t promise they’ll all be answered but I’ll take the most popular questions.

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  • Ernest

    I would definately listen… reading the transcripts take longer.

    As far as questions, I’ll think it over. i definately have some.

  • Anonymous

    Believe me – We’ll listen – Styx66 downloads every pre and post game show… we listen 🙂


  • Erik

    I may be in the minority, but I personally prefer transcripts over audio.

  • Jon

    I prefer transcripts, as well. Firstly, for those us at work, we can’t listen. Secondly, audio is harder to follow because we can’t see the words (or lips) and re-listening to a part is harder. Thirdly, reading is faster for most of us. I’d rather read than listen, myself.

  • J Hazer

    If it’s not too much work, I think having both would be great. (If you would like, I wouldn’t mind transcribing the interviews as I spent many years in college doing that for Professors!) Thanks for asking by the way.

  • Michael Teniente

    Transcripts. I enjoy readinig something interesting as oppossed to listening. When I read I can always go back and reread. I don’t want to press play again.


  • LB

    I would prefer transcripts. Makes it easier at work! Thank you.

  • Aaron

    Audio please.

  • Derek

    I love being able to download podcasts and listen to them on my way to/from work. That said, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the readable content (if I had to choose only one), since I read throughout the day.

    Maybe the entire interview in audible format with excerpts in the blog…

    Just an idea….

  • Scott

    I would listen, but transcripts are a little more user-friendly. Plus I can read them on my Blackberry!

  • Mike

    I also prefer reading than listening. In the end it’s more convenient…. 🙂

  • Evil, M.D.

    Yes, transcripts please… boss don’t like audio!

  • Anonymous

    Transcripts, most definitely.

  • deacon blue

    I prefer transcripts, as well. Hey, I’m a Kings fan, so I’m a little slow on the uptake. I like to have the text in front of me.

  • Anonymous

    podcasting is the wave of the future. pretty cheap to accomplish too.

  • Terabanitoss

    You are The Best!!!