Blake to have surgery

Rob Blake will have hip surgery Friday in Colorado, and although it’s expected that he will be ready for training camp, you just never know with these kind of things. Rehab can be tricky, and Blake is 37 years old. For those wondering why this is happening now, and why the story is coming out when it is, this is something Blake has been dealing with for a while. Guys play through things and don’t want them publicly known, so that they aren’t targeted. With only one game left, and Blake already out with a neck injury, the timing is right.

Here is the story from TSN.

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  • Ernest

    This isa great time for this to happen. Get him ready for next year and start playing more youngsters. Call up Harrold so we can get him ready for next year!

  • Marc Nathan

    Define: “a while” LOL. I would HATE to think that Rob Blake grabbed 12 million bucks from the Kings knowing he had some sort of degenerative hip situation.

    I’m still HATING to think that Chris Pronger was available for about the same price.

  • Marc Nathan

    Uh, Ernest… you do realize that tomorrow is the last game of the season, right? No need to “call up Harrold” — as the song goes… “See You In September”

  • Ernest

    Cant call a guy up for a game? Funny I have seen it done a few times this year.


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