Manchester reinforcements

It looks as though Patrick O’Sullivan, Lauri Tukonen and John Zeiler will be headed back to the Manchester after tomorrow for the AHL playoffs. As expected, Jack Johnson will not go. He said today that he will stick around Southern California for a week and get a chance to explore the area, then head back to Michigan for classes. There was never any serious thought that Johnson would play for Manchester.

I’ll link to a couple articles from the Union-Leader, whose writer, Kevin Provencher, does a great job of covering the Monarchs. Kevin writes about the possibily of the Monarchs moving (slim) and the Kings establishing a top-level minor-league team on the West Coast (slimmer) and there’s some fun stuff in there about LaBarbera. It seems he’s become quite a hit in Manchester, and that’s no surprise. I’ve missed having him around the dressing room this season because he’s such a fun guy to talk to.

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  • GMatsuda

    The reason Johnson was not considered to play for Manchester in the playoffs is that he can’t. He had to be on the Monarchs clear day roster at the AHL deadline in order to be eligible for the AHL post-season, and he was still playing for the University of Michigan at the time.

  • Ernest

    I dont think the clear day coment is true. I think college and junior prospects can be sent down if they were property of the Kings. That makes sense why Piskula wasnt sent down and why Boyle may be a part of thr Monarchs playoffs.

  • GMatsuda

    Actually, what I wasn’t aware of before was that if a college or other player signs an amateur tryout contract, they can play for the AHL club that signs them. That is, unless they’ve signed a pro contract already, such as with an NHL team. That’s why Johnson and Piskula won’t be playing for Manchester, and why Boyle could, assuming he signs an ATO.