Kings lose (again)

The Kings will pick fourth in this year’s Entry Draft. Chicago, which finished with the fifth-worst record in the NHL, won the lottery and will pick first even though the Blackhawks had only an eight percent chance of getting the top pick. Philaldephia picks second, followed by Phoenix and the Kings.

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  • Dee

    Figures! The Hockey Gods seem to hate the Kings…

  • Fletch

    I really hope the Kings take Karl Alzner with the #4 pick.

  • Lee

    The headline says it all.

  • derf

    Who do you guys think the kings will pick up this draft?

  • deacon blue

    Any possibility that the lottery might be rigged? It seems that the sagging franchise that needs it most (Pittsburgh in the SidLottery, Chicago now) just happens to win it. Is the evil puppet-master Bettman pulling the strings?

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