Boyle’s debut

Boyle made his debut with Manchester tonight in the Monarchs’ 4-1 victory over Worcester. He had a minus-1 rating, took one shot and drew a minor penalty for roughing. Unfortunately that’s about all you can tell from the boxscore, and I wasn’t about to pay six dollars for the webcast of a minor league hockey game. Six dollars? It does look as though Boyle played forward, because the Monarchs had six defensemen in the lineup. He was definitely playing forward at the time of the goal, because Kemp and Tverdovsky were also on the ice.

For those who asked about a contract, and specifically why Boyle didn’t sign an entry-level contract, Gann basically gave you the answer in a comment below. It’s because the Kings want Boyle to play in Manchester, and he wants to play there as well. The fact that he’s in a Monarchs jersey right now should tell you that an entry-level deal isn’t far off, and might already have been agreed to in principle.

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