Answers delayed

I just got a communication from the Kings, letting me know that Jeff Solomon wants to wait to talk to me until after the Kings management returns from Russia and that Dean Lombardi wants to participate in the discussion as well. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but ultimately it will be a good thing for you guys because you’ll get a chance to ask Dean questions as well. Unfortunately, it means that you won’t get your questions answered for another couple weeks. But they won’t be forgotten.

Anyway, a couple updates. Alexander Frolov has one goal in two games for Russia in the World Championships, and Russia is playing right now against Finland. Jack Johnson scored a goal in Team USA’s second game, a victory over Belarus, and USA is losing to Czech Republic at the moment. Michael Cammalleri did not record a point in his first two games for Canada.

In the AHL, Manchester begins its series with Providence tonight. It’s the first time the Monarchs have ever been out of the first round. Grand Rapids, with Scott Parse, plays Game 7 of its first-round series against Manitoba tonight.

In the QMJHL, Lewiston (with Jonathan Bernier and Marc-Andre Cliche) is still awaiting its opponent for the championship series. Val-d’Or and Cape Breton play Game 7 tonight.

No Kings are up for any of the NHL trophies. I’d be interested to see where Kopitar finished in the Calder voting.

I’ll have a couple more things later, like the official list of free agents from The Hockey News.

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    thanks again Rich……it’s appreciated

  • Jeff

    Thanks, Rich. Looking forward to hearing what DL has to say.

  • JOSH

    I was actualy trying to get a question to you but couldn’t find a “email me” type link anywhere.

    I’d like to know what Dean says the King’s chances are with signing Jan Marek are and if the kings are persuing him hard, etc…

    Thanks! And by the way, THANK YOU for covering the Kings so well and making it available to us! 🙂

  • Brian

    I’d first like to tell Mr. Lambardi that I appreciate and commend the way he’s building the team (through youth – the right way). But I’d like to ask him where he plans to spend the cap money in the next few years. It seems to me that the Kings will have very few signed D-men on the depth chart after this season. Should we expect the Kings money to be spent on only D-men considering we have mostly young forwards who come cheap?

    Thank you.

  • deacon blue

    Thanks as always, Rich, for the great website. I’d like to know Mr. Lombardi’s thoughts on Angelo Esposito for the Kings’ first-round choice (should he still be available by #4). Patrick Roy has recently urged the Canadiens to pick this kid, as he’s just about as “can’t miss” as anyone in the draft. When Roy talks, people should listen.

  • Mikey

    Rich, Did you want us to send you questions for Dean to answer, as well?

  • Rich Hammond

    If you’d like to post questions now, or at any time, feel free. They will stay on the blog and I’ll gather them when the time comes.

  • Aaron

    I’d be interested in finding out what happened with the scouting staff. We know that most of them were let go, but what was the reasoning and (more importantly) were they replaced? This was kinda a quiet story that never was really explained to the best of my knowledge.

    Thanks again!

  • Peter Ahola

    I would like to know from Dean Lombardi if there is a certain bias against Russian-born players.

    I was observing his draft history with the Sharks since he took over, and from 1997 until his last year with the Sharks, the team did not select a single Russian-born player.

    Aside from North American players, it appears as though the Sharks had some preference to German born players, selecting Sturm, Goc, Ehrhoff, Ehelechner, Greiss, etc).

    Is there some sort of reasoning or preference when it comes to drafting a player based on their nationality?

    That is clearly the reason why Kopitar dropped as far as the 11th overall pick in 2005. Had Lombardi been at the draft table with that pick, would he have selected Kopitar or would he have been hesitant to select him based on his nationality?

  • Gabby

    I posted this comment in response to your previous blog entry, but it deserves repeating:

    What is the status on a possible contract extension for Lubomir Visnovsky? I knew you can’t discuss this with him until July 1, but I just want to be assured that you will make the push to re-sign him this year as opposed to waiting for him to become a UFA. I don’t think I need to tell you that there will be significant interest in Lubo once he hits the free agent market. Let’s keep him in L.A.

  • David Guzman

    I would like to know of any strategy changes which the lowering of the free agent age will effect. Less college players? Forced growth of draftees? Euros promising to get right to the NA game? Can we wait for goalies and Late bloomers just to lose them to FA? If not why not?

  • John

    Thanks for the chace to ask questions, and for the BLOG (I check it every day)Rich.

    Can you ask what the staus is with Scott Parse? Where are they in the contract talks?

  • Kiona

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