Lombardi interview

Hello all…the sit-down interview with Dean Lombardi went very well and went into a few areas that I think most people will find interesting. Lots of talk about the draft, about particular minor-league and junior-level prospects, about the goaltending situation and about how the team will look over the next couple years. We didn’t even come close to covering all the areas I had written down, so he invited me back next week for another interview, and I’ll certainly take him up on that. For now, I’ve got a ton of audio to transcribe, so I’ll get stuff up as quickly as possible over the next couple days.

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  • Chris

    Once again Rich, you rock.

  • dan

    many, many thanks for all your efforts covering the kings.

    i keep your blog on my rss feed and will be keeping a sharp eye out for these transcripts.


  • mike

    sweet cant wait to hear it. thanks for all the hard work!

  • Joe Grind

    Another question for Mr. Lombardi if you can fit it in: What is the organization’s ‘philosophy’ regarding the off-season conditioning of it’s players? Do they outline programs for them or is it just left up to the individual player?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rich,

    Looking forward to this series of articles. I assume Dean has seen the London Knights play this year. Meckler is there, as well as several highly touted draft prospects. I wondered about the level of interest, if any, in free agent defenseman Todd Perry. Lord knows we need some toughness on defense, and this kid brings it. Thanks.

  • Steve

    Thanks for your work. Can’t wait to hear the interview. Glad to see you are getting to interview him again. He is an interesting person from what I’ve heard and seen of him. Seems like he is a very intense person. In Dean we trust! Go Kings!

  • 5-Hole

    this is great! short of DL sitting down with me for lunch, this is the best thing a Kings fan can get right now! thanks again Rich!!
    one question: the defenseman we got from dallas, Johan Fransson…is he expected to come to North America next year, and does he have a chance to play In LA?

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