Vegas on ice?

The buzz around Anaheim today? It’s about the Stanley Cup, yes, but it’s also about a report indicating that the NHL might soon expand into Las Vegas, with a team owned by producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Where’s the tie to the Kings? With AEG, of course, which reportedly would be interested in building and/or operating an arena in Las Vegas. Here’s a link to the story from the Sports Business Daily.

NHL in Vegas?

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  • Joe

    Unless they are going to move a team, I don’t see it happening. Expansion should be one of the last things the NHL is worrying about right now.

  • Scott

    I agree with Joe on expansion, and there is no way that MGM arena could be a temporary home. The ice sucks and it’s way too small.

  • Living in Las Vegas…the problem isn’t IF we want an arena here…but WHERE it will be located… There are three or four ideallocations for an arena…and I doubt the city council has brains enough to choose ONE…