Lombardi/Hickey quotes

I’ve have some more stuff later, but I thought I’d post all the quotes before I hit the road. I’ll say this much. The reaction at the draft party was pretty similar to the reaction on the blog…

“In publications, people might have had him 25 to 30, but there was too much buzz on him. That type of defenseman is hard to find. I kind of drew a line under a certain number and said, `I cant go below that or Im going to lose him. … He would have ended up going from 10 to 13.
“I had a good interview (with Lombardi) at the combine and I got to know him. … I’m looking forward to coming to the (developmental) camp.”
“It would have been nice to go down a little lower, but players like that are hard to find. Thats why (Kimmo) Timonen gets seven million. People find value in that kind of player.
“When you have a number of players in a certain layer, you lean toward position.”
“If anybody follows my history in terms of defensemen, I like players who can get up the rink in a hurry. I look at this as hopefully being similar to Stuart and Hannan in San Jose. In today’s game, guys who can skate and get up the ice are important.”
“Karl is going to play in the NHL next year. He’s more mature. Alzner is a very good player and a very safe pick. (Hickey) is riskier but the upside is higher.”
“I came down to two players: one defenseman and one forward. We really microanalyzed it.”

“I definitely was surprised. Its not something I was waiting for. I was just getting comfortable in my seat. I thought there was a chance (to be picked) anywhere from eighth on.
“In a nutshell, I think Im a two-way player who plays with a lot of grit and character. I started off a slot slow. There was a little more emphasis put on my defense but then I started getting more chances and offense. Our team started doing well and things started clicking.

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  • CBGB

    I can’t say I’m convinced that the “best player available” was taken, and Dean did the same thing last year taking the 77th ranked pick at #17 (Lewis) – If it doesn’t work out…. well…. we’ve already waited 40 years. What’s another 40?

    Sorry I missed you at the party Rich

  • Chris H

    Lets wait this out. These guys are 18 year old kids. Past drafts are littered with busts that were deemed “the next xxxx”. The true pressure will be on the 08 draft where the Kings got tons of picks – we can’t afford to blow that draft year.

    As for MacCauley – boy that was an expensive mistake. Kings ended up paying 3.5mil for one season – I realize some of his salary this year would’ve been covered by insurance but yeesh. Remind anyone of the Steve Duchesne signing a few years back??!!

    Hannan and Stuart signing on July 1st anyone?

  • kingofdodgers

    sounds like a mature kid. Sorry if this info is already out there, but does anyone know if he is going to college or a junior pro team?

  • Chris H

    He plays for Seattle in the Western Hockey League so next year he’ll be playing there. Can’t go to Manchester as the rule is as a 19 year old he either has to be on the Kings or back with his junior club I do believe.

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