McCauley buyout

I just learned that the Kings have bought out the contract of Alyn McCauley. That will mean a salary cap hit of $666,667 over each of the next four years. I don’t yet have any context on why exactly this was done, although I’m sure it was a health-related issue.

UPDATE: It is indeed $666,667 over the next FOUR years, not two.

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  • Anonymous

    First the cloutier extension and now this signing. I think that Lombardi has everyone fooled that he is a good GM.

  • Hammer

    Make this the 2nd lousiest contract by DL in 2006. Hopefully he’ll do his homework this year.

  • Aaron

    I really need to know why this was done. If he was hurt, why not just put him on LTI and avoid the cap hit altogether?

  • Ernest

    Hey Anonymous, if yer gonna make a lame statement, at least have the nads to post your name.

  • Jon

    Rich, shouldn’t it be $1.33M over the next four years? $0.66M over the next two years would be if he had only one year left on his contract, but he has two, by all reports.

  • Jon

    Whoops. I meant to say $0.66M (not $1.33M) each of the next four years… so, same number, just wrong term.

  • Alyn McCauley’s Knees

    Hopefully this clears space for Lundmark.

  • Fat Elvis

    I don’t think it’s possible to drink enough to make today’s hockey moves look any better. More moves in a looong line of hockey decisions gone horribly wrong for this franchise.
    So when are they going to let the hockey people make the decisions? Oh…these are they hockey people.

  • Scott Thornton’s Next

    Dave Taylor, are you posting under your “anonymous” screen name again?

  • Sam McMaster

    Give DL a break, at least he didn’t give McCauley an extension.

  • BBanzai

    Mind you had he bought out Cloutiers contract today i would have forgiven him for the wasted pick at #4.

  • Ex-Sportswriter

    Rich, do you think Lombardi is going to knock our socks off next week or whenever Free Agency kicks off by signing somebody who can actually help next season? Maybe Drury? How about Kariya? Might they bring back a D-man like Matty?

  • Anonymous

    a little surprised by this … two years ago, alan was one of the league’s better all around pivots … lundmark definitely sticks now … the kid has been a bust since the rangoons drafted him too high … but he’s 26 now, and seems to have grown up a little, while adding a little jam to his game …

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