Goalie shopping?

Lombardi made this comment to the Canadian Press at the draft today, in regards to the number of goalies available on the market and the Kings’ potential interest:

“There’s still some people I’m interested in but if it’s not there, we’ll do it right and develop our own,” said Kings GM Dean Lombardi. “But I’m not done shopping.”

The only goalie currently on the market, or at least known to be on the market, who would seem to be a fit for the Kings is Manny Fernandez. That’s just my opinion. From what I understand, Risebrough’s asking price was pretty high this weekend, and that’s why you didn’t see the Wild deal Fernandez to someone, as expected. I would still bet against the Kings acquiring a goalie but it’s interesting that Lombardi would publicly say he’s interested.

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  • Fletch

    I like Fernandez but at that contract I don’t see how Risebrough could be asking for the farm for him. Besides, Fernandez is not a “true” number 1, IMO. Getting him would almost be like re-signing Garon – a guy who may or may not be your number one game in and game out. Man oh man how I wish we would have gone for Luongo.

  • Chris H

    Hey Rich, any indications from DL that the Kings might be interested in A.J. Thelen?

  • puckboy25

    Thanks Rich…….I am not thrilled with the possibility of getting Manny…..I think Dean will go with the 3 we have under contract unless he finds “the right” deal….

  • BobMIllersHair

    IMO. Jocelyn Thibault is as good as Fernandez. Both are 32 years old. Thibault has been in the league 2 more years than Fernandez and has 100+ more wins in his career. And the best part is Thibault is a UFA.

    I think that with Labarbera,a rehabbed Cloutier, the new guy Erik Ersberg, and UFA Thibault would be a pretty good start to training camp.

  • Fab-Five Freddie Chabot

    Jocelyn Thibault is horrible. Have you seen his play since he signed with the Penguins? He isn’t an upgrade over Cloutier, he’s at the same level.

    Another option to consider, and possibly at a cheap price, is Robert Esche. Still, not that much of an upgrade, but he could possibly hold the fort and add some competition between the pipes and ‘audition’ for the starting role. I’m not convinced any current goalie under contract has what it takes to be a starter who can play in 50-60+ consistent games.

  • deacon blue

    Could the Kings be pursuing Ilya Bryzgalov, probably through a three-way deal? Thanks, Rich, for all the great coverage of the draft. You’re the best.

  • Andy MacMullen

    You have a very informative site. Very refreshing to read.

    I think the Kings will not deal for a goalie. I think they will go with LaBarbera and Garon until Bernier and Quick develop. Lombardi is in a tight squeeze. If he gets a goalie now, it only causes more uncertainty when Bernier and Quick arrive. He has to bite the bullet.

  • matt

    martin gerber is also available and the local ottawa papers have said the kings are interested, whether thats true or just made up since the kings need a goalie i don’t know

    and thanks for the blog, i enjoy checking every day for updates

  • Fletch

    Out of any goaltenders that are rumored to be on the market, I would love to see Bryzgalov in a Kings’ uniform. I think he has the potential to be a number one in the league.

  • Randy M

    well look here the only BIG Mistake the kings made last year was shipping La barbara out to manchester.He is a good goalie who’s only going to get better. instead of continuing to ping pong back and forth on quick fixes lets just stay the course and go with what we have.IF we could unload the cloutier contract that would be a different story. Some of you guys talk about waiting for Bernier or Quick. Well let me tell you unless either of them has an extraordinary transformation they are probably 2-4 years away. Goalies dont progress that quickly. we just made a mistake not putting faith in Jason last year. Here’s a revalation for you all. Lets get some responsible stay at home defensemen to help the guy out.Look at the ducks. DO you think that giguere’s an out-n-out stud between the pipes??? Its helps tremendously when good solid defense guys make sure you dont get shelled game in,game out. They keep the top shooters outside so they don’t have good angles and this results in guys like giguere not having to face too many quality chances. We have much too many knee jerk reactions to our problems.Support our goalie (hint hint Rob Blake)and maybe our goals against will come down.

  • Fab-Five-Hole Freddie Chabot

    We can add Alex Auld and Curtis Sanford to the list of available goaltenders. Not sure if Auld would be interested in playing for Crawford again (or if the Kings would even want to entertain the idea of reuniting the tandem of Auld+Cloutier).

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s outrageous that the King’s would even consider looking for a goaltender right now. The only way it would make any sense is it we could get rid of Cloutier, and let’s face it- won’t happen.

    With three goalies in competition for the #1 spot on a team with extraordinary young talent you have to believe that one of them will pull through.

    La Barbera is coming off 2 MVP caliber seasons in Manchester, and maybe that experience was exactly what he needed.

    Ersberg is also coming off an exceptional year, and can do nothing but improve.

    As for Cloutier.. well. Let’s just pray that he can snap out of this year long funk, (hopefully mostly due to injury) and take it up a notch.

    I agree completely with Randy M- We need to spend our time and money acquiring some help for these guys, not attempting to replace them.

  • Hec27

    I’m just tired of our goaltender situation. I just hope for everyone’s sake that “red light Dan” recovers from his horrible season. As bad as he was, I can’t help but feel for the guy. I actually liked Cloutier before last season, and I think he can still perform at the same level as he did while in Vancouver. I just hope he does. I think splitting time with Labarbera next season would be good for both goaltenders.

  • Anonymous

    Rich, do you have any info on who the King’s made qualifying offers to yesterday?

  • Jon

    Rumors are going around that the Kings are going to make an offer to restricted free agent “Razor” Ray Emery. Dean would have to give up at least a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd round pick in 08(if the Kings offer is the best on the sheet). Dean has alot of picks in 08, I think its worth it. Razor is young and can still improve with only one full year of being a no.1 goalie.

  • triplcrown

    Is Esche a UFA?

    If so, that option seems smartest to me.

    Labarbera/Esche could split the season for us, and more than hold the fort, I’d be willing to bet.

    This is not a time to trade away draft picks (i.e.for Emery), IMO.

    And we need to be saving our main $$ for the likes
    of Hannan, and, just possibly, Stuart or Drury?