Kings’ third pick

The Kings’ second second-round pick (61st overall) was winger Wayne Simmonds out of Owen Sound of the OHL. Simmonds is 6-1, 162 pounds and had 23 goals and 26 assists in 66 games last season. He was not ranked at all by Central Scouting, but Mike Futa, the new co-director of amateur scouting for the Kings, was the former GM of the Owen Sound team, so obviously he liked what he saw. Here’s a story on Simmonds from a paper in Ontario. Seems as though he improved his stock quite a bit this season.

Simmonds story

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  • Ernest

    ISS has him rank #240. This seems like another early pick by someone that would be there later in the draft. So what you want about Dean, he knows what he wants and is not afraid to get it.

    The guy is 6’1 and weighs 162 pounds! We draft a toothpick!

  • Reaper

    In response to Ernest, watch this video of Simmonds, he sure doesn’t play like a toothpick. When this kid adds some weight on, watch out!

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