Qualifying offers

In the next couple hours, I expect to have the info regarding which players were tendered qualifying offers by the Kings. Hopefully there will also be some information about the developmental camp. The Kings have been oddly quiet about this.

Seriously folks, I’d calm down about the goalies. It would be much more productive to talk about which two impact skaters Lombardi might go after. I think Dean made a mistake by saying what he did about shopping for goalies, because I’ve talked to him several times about the situation and got the impression that he’d have to be overwhelmed in order to make a trade. He raised hopes about a deal, probably without intending to. Or perhaps he has changed his attitude since I last spoke with him about it. I’ll certainly ask him later this week.

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  • Aaron

    I agree with you Rich. I think his quote may have been taken out of context somewhat and everyone assumed the Kings were looking to add a goaltender.

    Do you think there is a chance that the two impact guys he wants to add could possibly both be defensemen? Or is it more likely to be a forward and a defenseman?

  • Scott

    Thanks, Rich!

  • 33YearKingsFan

    I have heard the Kings are interested in Patrick Marleau of the Sharks. Is he available? Getting Marleau would be the best of all the UFA I am aware of!

  • Rich Hammond

    Marleau is under contract through next season. Sharks GM Doug Wilson said he has talked to teams who have inquired about Marleau but that he’s not shopping Marleau.

  • Steve

    Ya, the goalie thing caught me by surprise also. I kind of hope he sticks with La Barbara and tries to find a backup. Maybe Burke again would be a good one. I’m sure Garon is gone, but he didn’t put up bad numbers. I hope he didn’t tip his hand, but I think he already did.