Modry re-signs

Please keep the four-letter words to a minimum. Just kidding…

Modry got a one-year contract and Jeff Giuliano also signed a one-year deal.

Modry’s signing means that Aaron Miller almost certainly has played his last game with the Kings.

Again, I’m supposed to talk to Lombardi today so I’ll certainly bring this up.

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  • Aaron

    Looks like it came down to bringing Modry back for one year where Miller wanted at least 2 I would assume.

    Rich, would you say Modry coming back has any impact on how Lombardi will proceed in terms of pursuing a UFA defenseman like Stuart and/or Hannan?

  • Scott


  • Fab-Five-Hole Freddie Chabot

    Could you find out the figure on Modry’s one-year deal? Oh and also could you bring up Kostopoulos’ name in your discussion with Dean Lombardi?

    Many Kings fans are wondering whether or not he will be returning next season.

    Finally, how are the centers (1-4) going to look like with McCauley and Lundmark gone?

    Is Armstrong pegged to center the third line? Will a checking line center be acquired for the fourth line or will the Kings look to fill that position with a player from within the system?

    Thanks Rich!

  • Anonymous

    Great job Rich. Make sure you get a bunch of juicy details when you talk to Lombardi today.

  • Carp

    As long as he is a 5/6 D-Man, I guess it is ok. But Jack Johnson, Blake, Vishnovski and hopeful-UFA had better play before him or I will cry myself to sleep every night.

  • Hec27

    LOL. Well, who would you have signed? Keeping in mind that you HAD to sign atleast one of them?

    Miller or Modry?

  • Joey

    Are we in for “another year”. Are we going to watch that extra thirty million in cap space rot as we put the same product as last year on the ice?

  • Elie

    I think this was a bad move. How are we rebuilding by adding old schmoes back in the line-up?

  • dbushik

    There aren’t enough letters in those four letter words to appropriate convey the magnitude of my dissatisfaction with this move.

    Please let DL know this thought:

    “Look, as fans we’re very willing to suffer through the hardships of building. Modry however is one particular hardship we should not have to be asked to suffer through again.

    There had to be another equally inexpensive and equally crappy defender out there you could have gone after.

    This makes me not want to watch a single game next year and just start over again with this team once Modry is done.

    I’ve been a Kings fan for going on 20 years, and I am totally serious about this. Modry makes me not want to have anything to do with this team. Seriously.”

  • Anonymous

    This is a one year filler contract that Dean has been talking about.

  • dbushik

    Man, I remember sending Don Waddell a thank-you card when he signed Modry away from us.

    I really can’t express how depressing this is. Yeah, being realistic, it’s not tragic, okay.

    But now it’s like not only do you have to sit in the stuffy uncomfortable backseat of a car through the marathon cross country road trip that is our team rebuilding, but now you have to do it while some brat kid screams, yells, and hits you on the back of the head with a plastic bat the whole way.

    For all this team asks of it’s fans in terms of patience, this is not something we should have had to endure.

    Modry stinks on ice.

  • Nick

    I don’t really like the move, but you can’t really rebuild at once. You can’t go with 3 rookie defensemen every night if you want to be competetive, even if one of them is as highly touted as JMFJ.

    I would rather have re-signed Miller, though. He’s much better filler than Modry. Or even Heward for that matter.

  • CBGB

    So Rich,

    Where is that recent D-man you mentioned a while back? Is he still going to be acquired?

    Dean also mentioned a possible deal for a goaltender – ask him about that as well please


  • Ron

    I have t say that I am not happy about the signing, however Miller is injury prone with the exception of last year…(contract year at that) so Modery is in Miller is out. Don’t get me wrong Modery is not making me jump for joy, but I think he has more in the tank then Miller at this point. Good grief I can not even convince myself.

  • Dave

    This is a “filler” signing as DL has talked about. It allows Boyle to have a full year on defense in Manchester instead of being rushed in with a position change. As long as its for a good price, Modry is fine as 5/6 dmen & 2nd unit pp guy. I’d rather have him for a year then Miller for two years & his history of injuries. With the cap rising, the Kings can still sign a center, 2 dmen,plus extend Cammy & Lubo.

  • matt

    Per NHLPA, Modry signed for 1.2 mil.

  • Rich Hammond

    If you go back, the “recent D-man” was not a reference to this summer. And if you read some of the stuff from Dean’s “TamperFest ’07” the other night, the player’s name came up and Dean talked about him.

  • Anonymous

    Ask him about Ryan and Holloway too, if you could.

  • Chris H

    Yeah, hopefully the recent Kings d-man we are looking to bring back isn’t Sopel. We’ll have the same stinkin d we had last year.

  • Rich Hammond

    Ryan is going back to juniors. I don’t think he’s really in the Kings’ plans right now. I’m not sure about Holloway but I think he’s heading back to juniors also.

  • fulton

    Heard this announced on the radio driving home from work and I nearly crashed. Seriously, how does this signing help the Kings, and couldn’t the $1.2 million been spent on ANY other defenseman?

    I mean, we are already suspect in goal, we are stuck with Blake on defense – why in the world do we want additional liabilities in our own zone?

    Dean talks about how much tape he watched of Hickey. Has he never queued up a tape of Modry’s greatest lapses?


  • mike

    how bout kostopolous

  • mike

    I’am not an mr miller fan but not a real modry fan either. I’ll tell what I’m prayin’ that the kings are not going to try and blow more smoke up our rearends again . I love the youth we have but what scares me is the kings will not step up to the plate and go for the real deal UFA . Or atleast one of the BIG ones . You can’t tell me that breier can’t keep up with the youth or drury also . I think if the kings were really serious about winning they would go after and GET one of those 2 guys .

  • Philbert

    Well hopefully this means DL is saving his cash to sign a top tier forward and D man. Signing somebody the likes of Drury or Gomez is going to take $6+ million, and a guy like Hannan could command $3 million. This is 9 million for two players, on top of the $31 mil already committed. Add a raise in for Cammy and cash to sign a few role players, and the Kings payroll will perhaps be $43-44 million. Sure Modry isn’t the best D man, but I’m not sure who else could we have gotten for $1.2 million.

    Actually, a defense of:


    doesn’t look all that bad to me.

  • Mattias Norstrom

    Modry is an All-Star…how quickly you all forget.

  • Marc Nathan

    I still think Kevin Dallman will make some strides and improve this coming season. I doubt there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Richard Petiot makes the team out of camp. I’m disgusted as anyone should be that we once again have to watch Modry’s version of the Ice Follies, but it’s far less upsetting to me than knowing that Dan Cloutier and Jason LaBarbera are the entrusted pair in the nets. For that, I remain pissed off that the Ducks are 50 miles away compared to the 9 mile ride to Staples.

  • Brian

    first post is XXXX by someone named Aaron.

  • Steve

    I’d love to know if Lombardi knows how hated (above and beyond his actual on-ice limitations) Modry is by many Kings fans.

    I understand the concept of wanting to sign a d-man to a 1-year deal in contrast to Miller’s desire for a 2-year deal. However, Miller’s desire for a 2-year deal won’t mean much if nobody is willing to give it to him. I would think Lombardi would have waited until Miller’s situation was worked out. It’s not like there would be a 7/1 frenzy of GM’s trying to sign Modry.

  • Jededia

    Not great, but would you rather have Modry or ODonnel, whom the ducks recently resigned?

  • Brian Burke

    There goes my backup plan if Niedermeyer retires, damn!

  • Landon

    Miller wont be back so Jack can have his coveted #3 sweater. Or was he really going to wear #78?

  • Willard

    Honestly, I’m fine with this signing. I really don’t see why people are so upset. Modry is clearly going to be a #6 defenseman (or maybe even a #7; depends on the development of the prospect defensemen).

    Lombardi’s just hedging his bets with this signing. If none of the young guys can handle full-time NHL duties just yet you have an experienced veteran who, by the way, is not likely to get as many minutes as he used to.

    This is perfect, to make a guy like, lets say, Harrold beat Modry out. I think Harrold can beat him out, but he needs to be challenged to do so first rather than just handed the job.

    1 year at $1.2 mill for Modry? Big deal. Would rather have him than Dallman, for example.

  • This signing erodes what little confidence I had in DL in which he wants to build a winning team in LA…

    The only good move he made was the drafting of Hickey and this isn’t enough for me to not ask for the resignation of DL NOW!!!

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