Get to know Preissing

Here’s an article on Preissing from the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Preissing is a native of Minnesota) from the Stanley Cup Finals. It gives some good insight into Preissing and where he came from.

Ottawa Knows Preissing Now

This still has not been announced by the Kings, so perhaps they’re still working on details.

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  • mazokngstc

    Interesting bit about him moving from F to D. Gives DL the possible side benefit of Preissing mentoring Boyle in his attempt to do the same.

  • mike

    i like this signing. from reading that article, he seems like a good character guy, besides his plus minus, and being able to put up decent scoring.

  • Makalo

    Great signing and it’s good to see that Lombardi didn’t overpay.

  • Aaron

    Tom Preissing is a good all around defenseman.

    Bryan Murray had enough faith in him to pair him with Joe Corvo. Nothing against Corvo, but his defense partner has to be responsible in his own zone.

    If the Kings can add Brad Stuart, I think there defense would be shaping up quite nicely.

    Rich, do you think Aaron Miller and the Kings have completely closed the door on each other at this point?

  • Landon

    What’s taking Preissing so long to sign? Any other rumors floating around Rich?

  • Scott

    TSN is reporting that we have signed Michal Handzus and Ladislav Nagy.