Kyle Calder also signed

Calder gets two years, $5.5 million (I believe)
Nagy’s deal is for one year. I don’t have a dollar amount yet.
Handzus gets four years, $16 million.
Preissing gets four years, $11 million

I’ve got a ton of quotes from Lombardi, via conference call, but it’s going to be a while before I can transcribe them, as I’m also working the Bertuzzi story. You’ll have them by the end of the night, I promise.

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  • Ex-Sportswriter

    Interesting note regarding Calder’s previous career stops:

    04-Aug-06: Chicago Blackhawks traded Kyle Calder to the Philadelphia Flyers for Michal Handzus.

  • Galen Senogles

    DL is on a roll! KEEP IT UP!

  • Marc Nathan

    if signing these three mid-level forwards cost the Kings Cammalleri or Frolov, he (DL) had BETTER be getting something pretty damn sweet in return (as in an elite goaltender.)

  • Derek

    I like Calder. A good pickup in my opinion.

    Hanzus – 4 years at 4 mil/year. I hope he is really healthy.

    Preissing is a good deal IMHO.

    Nagy for only a year. I’m curious to hear Lombardi’s take on this.

  • Dave

    I don’t like that Nagy is only one year. It’ll be good motivation but if he performs that means he is gone.

  • AJ

    are these numbers confirmed or estimated? I have yet to find reports with confirmed numbers.

  • EthanH

    Aren’t we paying a little bit much for Handzus???

    And is Stuart still available???

  • El Guapo

    To me, all of these guys are secondary to signing Cammy long term. Any news, Rich?

  • Derek

    Holy crap. The Ducks just signed Bertuzzi. And I didn’t think my hatred for them could get any deeper.

  • Brian

    Doesn’t three forwards seem a little much? Is somebody heading out of town?

  • Dan

    more from lombardi later? press confrence? phone interview?

  • Mike


  • Steve Kelly is Back!

    One of the forwards will be used as bait in a trade for a goaltender. My money is on Frolov to be moved.

  • Jim

    Good signings by DL, especially Handzus. Yes, he was hurt last year, but he’s a great #2 center. Now onto the goaltending… I want to see a trade for Montoya!

  • Scott

    I think these signings, especially Nagy for one year, mean that O’Sullivan is expected to need another year in Manchester.

  • Rob

    Lombardi is maneuvering. Setting up a trade. Has to be, because I’m not sure how he’s expecting to fit all of these guys onto the roster.

  • Landon
  • Landon

    I meant $3.75 M for one year.

  • Roger

    Great Blog Rich. Looks like Deano is coming through without overpaying.

  • Steve Kelly is Back!

    Handzus signed a US$16-million, four-year contract, Nagy came in at $3.75 million for one season, Calder $5.5 million over two years and Preissing signed for $11 million over four years. All four were unrestricted free agents.

  • Ernest

    Did we go out and get too much today? I think we need to play a few of our younger guys but now they wont egt a chance to play night in night out.

  • MattGeorge

    No Top Tier players for a bunch of third tier players…

    Well…. we’ll know pretty early on in the season…either they’ll have chemistry or they won’t

  • Derek

    Anyone see the front page of now?

  • yogsloth

    None of these signings precipitate any kind of deal. Don’t forget how paper… PAPER… this this team is at forward. You need at least 15 NHL-calibre forwards on your roster to balance out injuries, and even after this signing, we don’t have that yet.

  • Nick

    which younger guys are going to miss out? playing a year in the A isn’t going to hurt anything. Nothing (besides a NMC I haven’t read about) is going to stop Dean from making a deal next summer if he feels a young guy is ready.

    I like the signings. I especially like Nagy at only 1 year. Kind of surprised Nagy could get more. Maybe he was one of the few that actually wanted to be in LA?

    I’d like to see another defenseman though.

  • Bramster

    These are the type of signings I expected from a rebuilding (finally!)Kings team. Nagy for one year is a bit odd. Maybe laden with performance incentives and an option year? Maybe you could ask that of Dean, Rich.

  • The LW now features Cammalleri, Nagy, O’Sullivan, and Calder. Can Scott Thornton move to RW to play on the fourth line with Calder? Or does O’Sullivan spend another year in the AHL? Or, is a trade coming? Things just got interesting! Thanks Rich!!!

  • Eric

    Not bad… i like that we didn’t overpay horribly for anyone, although the price for handzus seems a touch high. just hoping that we hold on to cammo…

  • Anonymous

    Frolov Kopitar Nagy
    Cammy Handzus Brown
    Thornton Calder Willsie
    Armstrong OSullivan Zeiler

    It got very crowded very fast.

  • Chris H

    Sensible signings for reasonable dollars. Handzus is an excellent 2-way center. Handzus and Nagy were a package deal – they’re buddies and they wanted to play together. Sign Brad Stuart now. I’d take a chance on AJ Thelen too.

  • Ernest

    Dont think Stuart will be coming. We dropped over $13 million in cap spce today and still need to hit our RFA’s, specifically Cammy and Labarbara. Our defense looks pretty much set as:
    Blake, Johnson, Lubo, Pressing, Modry and either Harrold or Petiot. Cant see adding Stuart to the mix.

  • Mike

    Stuart Rumors are swirling what do you got for us Rich?

  • Ex-Sportswriter


    C’mon, if you want to play in the Big Leagues (unlike what our Kings have done the past couple of years), you need to spend the money and put the talent on the ice!

    There is plenty of money to go around for Cammy and everybody else – except, I WOULD NOT GIVE BIG MONEY TO LABARBERA!

    We still need an ESTABLISHED GOALIE who can be the #1 we can count on. Jason is a good goalie, I like him a lot, but we need a FIRST STRING guy that is going to be a wall back there!

    Any chance we can dump Cloutier on somebody else? (just kidding, nobody out there is that stupid, I know, I know!)

  • HockeyOnly

    Some nice signings today, it looks like a couple of them in the last few days could be to build the larder for something even better to come from DL. All you have to do is look at the roster from last year, look who DL has brought in and there could be a nice package and we don’t lose any of our top players. Rich this is great, thank you.

  • Fat Elvis

    I just hope to God that Zeus’ knees hold up and it doesn’t become another McCauley incident. Nagy and Zeus are pals, so Nagy should be “happy” to play here. Calder can be a malcontent, so hopefully MC and Hex know how to make him “happy”. These 3 forward signings are sure going to make the lines interesting. Not enough room for everyone.
    Maybe a move is on its’ way? DIG Rich, dig.

  • EthanH

    I know this is off the subject, but can anyone explain Bertuzzi getting $4/year for 2 years? He wasn’t even healthy this season. And how does Anaheim have so much money to play with?

  • Ex-Sportswriter


    Rich – I know LaBarbera is going to be on the roster next season – and that is a very good thing.

    But is there another goalie with more NHL experience (and not Cloutier!) that we might be seeing between the pipes next season at the Staples Center for the Kings?

    Thanks again for your hard work and dedication to your beat … hopefully the Kings ownership will see that there are lots and lots of die-hard fans like myself out there that want the team to put a winning product on the ice … keep up the great work!

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