Preissing to Kings

The Kings are set to give defenseman Tom Preissing a four-year, $11-million contract. This has yet to be signed/made official but it seems to be a done deal. (This is as reported initially by the Ottawa Sun.)

Preissing had seven goals, 31 assists and a plus-40 rating for Ottawa last season.

Interesting, he signed with San Jose out of college, but if my math is correct, it was about two weeks after Lombardi got fired from the Sharks.

More info later.

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  • Aaron

    Good deal. Nice job Dean.

  • Joe Dodger

    Good job, Lombardi.

  • cbgb

    Good signing – now lets fill out the rest of the team with tier 2 players!

  • PuckHead27

    Nice, one of the blueliners I hoped he would sign.

  • Mike

    A few days ago an easy waiver claim of Boynton seemed like a good idea. I know I thought that he would be at least better than Modry or Miller.

    To compare Preissing and Boynton though, this was the right choice:
    – Boynton is a month younger but has some wear and tear of more NHL experience (see injuries the last two seasons).
    – If the rumor is legit, Preissing would be signed for maybe $200k less than Boynton’s salary.
    – Only some stats lie: Preissing’s +40 may have something to do with the Sens being the Sens and Boynton’s -17 or so has something to do with the Coyotes standing but I think there’s no doubt that Preissing would be a better fit in L.A. … and he’s definitely been more productive than Boynton the last 2-3 years.

    Thanks Rich for all your hard work!

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the team Preissing! ^^

  • Ron

    Sweet…Tom Preissing is a great pick up. Now we need at least one more D man, I’m thinking Stuart. Sourry is NOT what the Kings need, to much of a liability in the D zone. I’m really happy DL did not offer the type of money Drury, Briere and Gomez were after. Gomez making almost as much a Joe Thornton is ridicules. He is not worth that type of cash IMO. I have faith in DL, remember we are in year 2 of a 3 year rebuild. Get it done DL.

  • Pat

    In the final cup game against the Ducks, the Ottawa coaching staff liked Preissing so much they gave him 8:11 of ice time. Unless he was hurt, that’s a big concern. Maybe you could ask Dean about that.

  • dbushik

    Well, I like Priessing, but comparing him to Boynton one key thing is missing. Priessing does not have the nasty physical side to his game Boyton does.

    With Lubo, Priessing and Modry out there, and with Blake a bit beyond his ‘best before’ date, who is going to play defense out there? Yeah, these guys can skate and move the puck, and there’s a lot to be said for that in todays game, but we are lacking some toughness and some stay-at-home style defenders.

    I’ve been high on Stuart, but at this point if we assume Modry makes the top six, I’m not sure he fits what we need.

    It’d have been nice if we were able to land say Hannan and then either Preissing or Stuart, and just taken a pass on Modry.

  • Fingolfin

    With all these offensive minded defensemen, who is going to play *defense* this year?


    Not scary, at *all*.

  • Tim

    Preissing… who’s next… Owen Nolan, Jeff Friesen??? have we become the LA Sharks? Why don’t you go after Eddie the Eagle as well… Sourry would be a BIG deal, even though he can be a liability, he’s a all-star d-man and can bring it with a HUGE slapper or he can put the hurt on guys as well. Even if he misses here and there, he can add a spark for the team when they need it. We need a scorer to take some of the load off of our current young guys. Let them learn from a proven NHL Score/leader.

    Rich, keep up the GREAT coverage, you are the man!

  • CBGB


    Modry is an All-Star, too.

  • deacon blue

    Finally! I think this is a good signing for the Kings–young, steady, moderate leadership. It will be even better if the Kings can sign Stuart. Keep Kostopoulos!

  • kingsfan

    Rich, is there anyone else who is available that fits DL’s “builder” category ? Any word on who he is working on next ?

  • Bramster

    I like this signing. Preissing looks to be a solid pick up at a decent price. That gives the team another puck mover type. Now I hope DL follows that up with a more physical, defensive minded guy. Unless he still intends to resign Aaron Miller.

  • Phil

    Does anyone else have the feeling DL might be considering trading Lubomir? Hmmmmmm… If he signs another defenseman, it wouldn’t shock me as he could get a TON for him.

  • Chris H

    Great job with keeping us informed Rich.

    Good signing by DL. Maybe add Stuart too.

    Trade Lubo to the Rangers for Marc Staal, Al Montoya and 2 first rounders.

  • Landon

    Why not sign Jason Allison to a one year deal? He would be a veteran presence, playmaker and he knows the city. Let him earn a job, we have nothing to lose.

  • Mike O.

    Id say if we pick up Stuart then we could afford to make that trade with the Rangers and have great return for it. At least we made great signing for a REASONABLE price. Go Dean!!

  • Brigham


    Jason Allison is neither a “bridge” nor a “builder”

    …thats why we shouldn’t give him a shot.

  • Landon


    This is all true. I knew it wouldn’t be a popular post, but I gave it a shot. (Another Lindros, I know.)

  • Ex-Sportswriter

    Hey Landon, maybe we could get Allison, Marcel Dionne, Jimmy Carson and Jim Foxx?

  • Mike


    Since this has taken long…there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, right?

  • Ex-Sportswriter

    Actually, I like Jim Foxx – he is terrific on TV!

  • Ex-Sportswriter


    Rich, who are the logical “targets” out there now for the Kings?

    Up front and on defense?

    Any goalie scuttlebutt?

  • Landon

    Hehe, alright point taken (twice). I get it. I was just bored. I’m ok with Preissing.

  • Thomas


    Any possibility of DL making an offer for Lundqvist? I believe it would be worth 3 1st rounders for a young, solid, NHL proven goaltender. 1st rounders can turn into Storr, but L* is a #1 goalie. And NY has to be in the fiscal red zone.

  • Vahe

    Wow, Kings actually got a free agent to come to LA

  • Steven

    Thomas, NYR are not in the fiscal red zone. Not yet, anyway. They’re at about 39 mil as we speak, leaving them with a little over 11 million to play with.
    The following players are RFA:
    Sean Avery, Marcel Hossa, Jarkko Immonen, Bryce Lampman, David Liffiton,
    Henrik Lundqvist, Petr Prucha.

    Prucha and Hossa will command a few mil. Sean Avery, probably just over 2. Then, you have Lundqvist… if he goes to arbitration, the NYR might be looking at a very troubling situation. Then, of course, there’s Brendan Shanahan. So yes, things look good for the NYR right now…wait a month.

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the research Steven. I was too lazy today to look them up.

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