Scrimmage results

The white team, the one with Daniel Taylor and Mike Ouzas in goal, earned a 4-2 victory over the black team, with Jeff Zatkoff and Linden Rowat in goal. Goals were scored by Lauri Tukonen, Matt Moulson, Kevin Westgarth, Brady Murray, Vladimir Dravecky and Dwight King.

Afterward I talked to Lombardi for a few minutes, although long because I had to dash home and file my story for the Daily News. I’ll do the transcript tonight, but here’s the 10-second version.

Cammalleri…not good.

More later.

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  • Jayson

    Cammalleri not good… is no good.

  • Bill

    And when is the Kings’ schedule ever a source of celebration. We’ve already got the worst in the league, and it’s not helping to open the season in London…

  • Reaper

    Yes, it’d suck to have to trade Cammalleri, but he is one of our most tradeable assets, and if he’s awarded too much, the return could be quite substantial. Possibly the goalie we need….

  • Jason Hollingsworth


    Thanks for all of your work.

    I haven’t heard any info on how Blake’s hip surgery/ recovery. Can you give us his status and if he will be ready byt the start of the season?

  • Rich Hammond

    I believe Blake is spending some time up at his home in Ontario. I haven’t heard about any setbacks and the surgery he had was fairly routine so I don’t expect any issues with him.

  • Andy

    Thank you for all your informative blog’s. Cammy is by far my favorite player, but if he wants anything above 4-5 million he needs at least 2 more very productive seasons to prove he is worth 6-7 million per year.