• petey

    DL….you are a God. What a steal.

  • Fat Elvis

    Great deal. Hometown discount maybe?

  • Eric


    that’s great news.

  • Brian

    Wow Rich, I think you were the first to brake the contract details. Thanks.

  • Vahe

    Worth every penny

  • Anon

    Rich, is 5.65 the cap hit or his actual salary? If it’s only the cap hit, do you have the exact dollar amounts year by year?

  • Gabby

    What a bargain! Lubo is something special.


  • Ryan

    Considering the potential UFA market, I wonder if Thornton signing for less than he is worth to stay with SJ inspired Lubo to do the same with LA.

  • Paincorp

    A TOTAL Bargain! By the 3rd year of this contract, the praises of this signing will be REALLY loud. Take care of Cammi and we’re gold.

    Deano……fine job. You scared the **** out of us the first day and done some fine work for this team since. Really looking forward to the season. Thanks!

  • phoamy

    this is great! good deal…now we just need to set camms up the same way and then go for the cup.

  • randy M

    hey rich i noticed the kings website has an updated roster listing on it did you see that? it only list 20 players and conspicuously missing is cammileri is this due his being unsigned at this point please elaborate would you?? furthermore does this mean that we will still perhaps see some action in the free agent arena by dean and staff?

  • CiscoC

    Lubo belongs in LA!! Best news so far this summer.

    Any info on whether there was a No Trade Clause? it seemed like that was one of Lubo’s concerns.

  • Sandersdog

    Rich – You are the best = thank you!!

    This contract is gold for the Kings…DL is making things happen.

  • Marc Nathan

    Timonen aside, that’s more than fair. At some point you have to wonder how much money these guys need šŸ™‚

  • PolarBearOne

    WAY lower than I think most people thought, including myself. Any idea of the structure of the contract, Rich?

  • chris

    Whoah! Deano, way to step up to the puck. Signing Lubo longterm, was key.

    THANK YOU Rich, your blog IS the most comprehensive, informative LA Kings site one the world wide web.

    Go Kings Go!

  • CT

    i was wondering if lubo would continue wearing #17? i want to buy a lubo jersey but i also noticed nagy and calder are still listed as #17. thanks rich, ur blog is god sent.

  • Aaron DeVandry

    And Lubo is still making less than Blake.

    Great job, Dean.

  • Elle

    thats kinda funny CT because i was wondering if Lubo would give up his #17 to Nagy (out of my preference for having my favorite player wear my favorite number).

    So, Rich, any idea when we’ll find out who gets which number? And i have to make the obligatory “as a total newbie Kings fan who doesn’t live in LA your blog is like my bible to figuring out whats going on” comment.

  • Aaron DeVandry

    There is no way Lubo gives up his #17. He’s the veteran.

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