Arbitration hearing

I apologize if this is already in the public domain, but Cammalleri’s arbitration hearing will be on Aug. 2, which is a late date in the process. The Kings have until that date to sign him and avoid a hearing. Out of the 30 players who filed, nine have already re-signed.

Thanks for all the supportive messages. I truly appreciate all of them and all of the great points that were made. I’ll try to keep everyone updated if I hear anything interesting, but I’m sure Lombardi is glad to have some time away from me…

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  • Brad

    As always, thanks for the info. Would love to hear your thoughts if the later date is viewed as better or worse for the Kings if they don’t agree to terms and go to arbitration.

  • BobMillersHair

    See how addicting this site is…
    Even Rich cant stay way.
    …I pray that Cammy can be signed and no feathers are ruffled.

  • Rich Hammond

    Brad…it certainly can’t hurt. It gives them more time to talk and perhaps get something done, although Lombardi seemed to indicate last week that they weren’t close.

  • ian

    Rock on Rich, rock on…

  • GMatsuda

    Since Rich isn’t around (much) while he takes a much-deserved break…

    The Kings signed Thomas Hickey to a 3-year, entry-level deal today. Financial terms, as always, were not disclosed by the Kings.

  • Jerry

    Thanks for the update Rich, now go have some fun on your vacation šŸ™‚

  • ‘k

    Think about this. Cammy and Jeff Zatkoff to Ottawa for “Razor” Ray and Antoine Vermette? Or if the Sens dont Bite on Zatkoff, offer Labs.

    Of course there would have to be a mutual agreement between cammy signing long term with the Sens, and the same between Razor and the Kings. I was thinking a 3 year 18 mill or 4 year deal for 24 mill a year(6 mill a year). In 2 years we would have a solid one two punch in net with Emery and Bernier.

    Please note: I am in fact High on Maryjane)

  • ‘k

    Sorry NOT 24 million A year,24 million over a 4 year period at 6 million a year . Im not that high.